Weekend Love Forecast – With A Rebel Yell!

leopard lampIt’s a Leo Moon weekend. Leo-ruler the Sun spends Friday, Saturday, and Sunday heading into sextile with Chiron in Aries – a fiery and gorgeous battle for drama and intrigue, a center-ring showcase of what we’ve learned.

Why? Because it makes us look good and feel good. Most importantly TO OURSELVES. With Mars and Jupiter moving along together in Aries, the Sun in Gemini (with Mercury newly direct in Taurus), and the Moon in Leo, we’re in our feels about our vigor, our purpose, our self esteem.

More simply: Feeling as though we matter matters. It’s the hard won insights that provide those details, that empowered tuning that only comes through failing forward.

Mercury heads back into trine with Pluto and the insight on our personal values is EVERYTHING. On the 14th, Mercury moves back into the sign it rules, Gemini, but until then we get a chance to turn over rocks and turn up clues. Until then, we dig and crunch and grind those insights into a powerful tonic. We’ll take that tonic with us and put it to use… later.

Friday night, the Leo Moon roars into action with a trine to Jupiter in Aries. It trines Mars and squares Venus overnight. Big fun! But watch your speed as Mercury is still slow. Go for what you NEED over what you merely fancy.

On Saturday night, the Leo Moon sextiles the Gem Sun, trines Chiron, and squares Uranus. Inspiration is there, but integration is uncomfortable. Anything new feels better, easier with time or practice – because it becomes familiar. Sometimes we need an experience outside the familiar in order to move forward. Those who truly excel don’t always stick to safe ground. You learn more from struggle than you do from sticking to home base.

If you want to shine, take calculated risks. And learn from them. If you can do this humbly? Regally humbly? That’s the ::chef’s kiss::.

Sunday the Leo Moon opposes Saturn and squares Mercury in the afternoon and quincunxes Pluto in the evening. Know your limits. We get a chance to learn our limits. This is a GOOD thing. Again, it relates to values and self esteem. With limits we find our RANGE.

Do you have any weekend plans?

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