Weekend Love Forecast – Whip Up A Mood For Intimate Sharing

dancerThis weekend, the Moon spans the entirety of Sagittarius, Jupiter ruled. The mood is buoyant! Or inflated. But regardless, there’s a story here. Sagittarius can be boastful, exuberant, energetic, sporty. They will tell the unvarnished truth… when they’re around. They’ll tell it whether it’s wanted or not, or appropriate. But don’t try to pin them down to tell it.

Sadge is smack in the middle of their story, and they’re on its trail like sweet on candy. A Sadge Moon weekend is an active mood, but it’s up to you to point yourself in the right direction. You can be swinging on a star, or you can be on a rocket pointed at a painted landscape on a rock wall. Generally speaking, you’re likely to be able to control your own trajectory. I’d do that. If left to chance, you leave yourself open to any sort of mood.

There are two sides to this weekend’s general mood. The first is Friday’s Moon trine Chiron with Mars on the midpoint. Moon and Chiron are in fire, both sextiling Mars in airy Aquarius. In my personal opinion, the past few months have been a veritable shitstorm. This aspect pattern holds the key to pop a person out of a bad track and into an actively upbeat mood habit. Get your body moving. Do whatever it is that feels personally healing.

The second Moon side is a set of squares it makes Saturday through Sunday. Saturday night, the Moon squares Neptune, fire to water. It’s possible to lose momentum, spirits dampened. Now that you’re aware, it can’t creep in on you (like a fog). You’ll feel it coming on and pop yourself out. Take care with intoxicants. They can really skew the mood on Saturday night.

Sunday, the Moon squares Mercury and goes on to square the Sun (the first quarter moon phase). Perfectionism is one trap to watch out for. Another is verbal banter that irritates or alienates. Consider the impact of your interactions. The senses are keen, perhaps overly so.

Mercury in Virgo trines Pluto on Saturday, going on to sextile Sadge Moon sign ruler Jupiter on Sunday morning. There’s a natural progression over the weekend between the Moon and Mercury: first, exhilaration and joy create ease; second, that ease increases the flow of the senses and communications; third, there is a coming together of mind and heart to integrate a bright new area of understanding.

Venus in Scorpio comes into play when Mercury aspects Pluto. For our purposes, that’s the entire weekend. Intimacy requires vulnerability… details… a private den of deliciousness. Don’t be afraid to share what you really want, what you really appreciate. Take a chance and say it. Be authentic, real, and deep.

The shitshow is over. It’s time to get the mood back on track with a brand new area of agreement. The Sagittarius Moon and Mercury square, but both are mutable. Stay loose, smart, and upbeat and this weekend is a fireball of tangible goodness. And fun!

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Weekend Love Forecast – Whip Up A Mood For Intimate Sharing — 4 Comments

  1. THANK YOU. Just hearing the words “the shitshow is over” brings such palpable relief. Thank you for always managing to parse things so thoughtfully, with a mixture of gorgeous imagery and no-bullshit candor. It is SO appreciated. <3

  2. We had a guest from another country, yesterday. He’s a walking, talking personification of Sagittarius & Jupiter (travels at whim, e.g.). He doesn’t know his birthday, and so I explained, whatever his signs and planets, Jupiter is likely prominent. I asked my son (Venus in Sagittarius) to come, to take advantage of the opportunity (Jupiter) to meet this close friend of our friend. “Appreciation, a grateful attitude for what we have, these are essential,” he philosophized. 🙂

    What Satori wrote in this weekend’s article describes Saturday at my home. (Of course, obviously, the three guys agreed, tasting some Canadian rye whiskey was timely. I had taken a nap… but I agreed with their reasoning. (They tasted it with gusto. Looks like Sunday is a good day for plenty of tea to rehydrate.)
    Thanks for this new installment in the Weekend series, Satori. Excellent, as always!

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