Weekend Love Forecast – What’s Swimming Under The Surface?

now with hat and freudVenus is retrograde in Gemini and Mars conjoins Neptune in Pisces. We re-examine desire while we have the ability to change our approach. While Venus and Mars don’t square by orb, they square by sign – both mutable. Mercury is direct, but it will be retrograde soon; we’re already in its shadow.

Everything seems higgledy. Mercury in loose trine to Mars (and Neptune) leads us to lean into our planning, but ultimately results are elusive (or illusive).

What we want isn’t coming on its own and we can’t nail it down through effort either. The negotiations go swimmingly, but the hook doesn’t set. Or if it does, you reel in a shoe. It’s a nice shoe, but it’s still a shoe.

But here’s the catch – we will get there. This is one of those awkward times when we’re failing forward. Have some belief in yourself, some faith. It’s not even full on frustration with no outlet. It’s limp. Just keep swimming. You’re doing more than you know. You’re achieving more than is visible.

Keep pointing your boat where the flow goes. With Mercury in Moon-ruled Cancer, facts are tough to pinpoint. They change with the tides. The facts don’t change, but what we can access does. It’s all a lesson in mastering our approach and attitudes surrounding uncertainty. We’re not even set in what we WANT. Clarity is not coming along soon, but life will work better when you stop waiting on it. Get on with what intuition tells you to do in any given moment.

Friday night, the Pisces Moon trines Mercury and rolls over Mars and Neptune. It goes on to square the Sun. Have a little faith and fish where it feels good to throw your line. That’s the key right there. Who knows what it’s the key to, but it’s the key to something. Feel that hum of water and air between the eclipses. Something is taking shape. Soak up the poetry of the moment; whisper your feelings. Overnight, the Moon sextiles Pluto and Jupiter for some sexy, magical drive. It’s a libido pumper.

Saturday night, the Moon takes off in Mars-rule Aries. Mars Moon sextile Saturn (retro) is tactile pyrotechnics. The mood brings an opportunity to BITE. Action may be wavy, but the mood lands something worth keeping. All work pays off eventually, somehow. This mood steers us into something tasty.

Sunday morning, the Aries Moon conjoins Chiron. It goes on to sextile Venus and square Mercury. active feels good, feels healthy. It’s possible to grab onto something that satisfies and pleases. Know when to modify your expectations though: Don’t drive it into the ground by overplaying your hand.

What are your weekend plans?



Weekend Love Forecast – What’s Swimming Under The Surface? — 5 Comments

  1. Thanks. I’m not good with Neptune.. these times aren’t easy for my brains.. I’m sleeping so much.. it’s hard to motivate myself with a 12th house mars normally anyway.. there’s things I want to do and I just don’t know if they’ll get done

    How do we use Mars Neptune to get stuff done?

    • “Action is the antidote for despair”-Joan Baez

      Do something, anything ! The first step is the hardest, but when you move one foot (Pisces), the body will follow, then move the other etc., etc. Focus on the first immediate task and not the entire project. For example, got a pile of dishes and a messy kitchen to clean ? Just start by cleaning one pot and focus on that and not how long it will take to clean the whole kitchen. The satisfaction of one accomplishment can propel you further.

      Surely you know the other saying about a Journey of a Thousand Miles. Hope that helps. (Mars conjunct my Sun)

  2. You’ve so well defined my reality, thank you for articulating it to allow me more clarity!

    I’m so torn between the need to earn more money, the need to heal myself from a painful separation that feels like a death, the emotional turmoil I feel in response to everything, the need to sleep and then not being able to, the lack of structural motivation to get things done, and just as your fishing analogy says there is never something substantive at the end of the hook to hang my hat on or help spur the motivation…sigh and yet I do trudge on, just doesn’t feel like it.

    I’m motivated more to journal and talk publicly about the human experience we’re not talking about which is that people are feeling sad, their hearts are empty or broken from the isolation and more. The uncertainty many of us face, the weirdness of it all, so much is so illogical aka emotional and whatever the hard cold truth is really won’t matter in the end because we need to grow beyond that to a new truth, our own truth and our love for mankind needs to transcend all of it… or so I believe.

    Then the question resonates with what does that look like for me, how does that work in my business model, how can I get the financial river flowing when I foresee more charitable aspects taking place and in the meantime I feel driven to write “my current story” for me, and maybe it will help others but right now it’s for me because I refuse to allow anyone to rewrite my history, I want my experience memorialized to learn more from it and…. I’m not sure why that has become so important.

    The reality is I have no financial support other than what I can do for myself and after all of this time, now with a limit to things along with being limited to bring my employees back financially and by their own reticence, I am flat broke with zero liquidity with a slight silver lining that I do have assets, they just aren’t liquid and in this economy who knows what the value is any more….

    Sigh! I just keep thinking I am exactly where I am supposed to be all while fighting this overwhelming need to DO SOMETHING… and having no idea what that something is or how I will get beyond all of this. Love!!!!

  3. I love the picture, tackle box and fishercap! The lines that go to me most: “The negotiations go swimmingly, but the hook doesn’t set. Or if it does, you reel in a shoe. It’s a nice shoe, but it’s still a shoe.” I could actually use a pair of comfy shoes:)
    Thanks for this, Water Vision is something!

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