Weekend Love Forecast – We’re On Our Way!

With Venus freshly grounded in Capricorn in the morning, Friday afternoon brings drama as Mercury moves to Scorpio just before the Scorpio Moon pops over into Sagittarius. This puts the Moon on the midpoint of a budding Mercury-Venus sextile with a mood to go, promises to keep, and many miles to go before we sleep.

Did that bring up a “road not taken” or a snowy evening memory? With the Moon still new, the optimism and bounce of Sadge steer us in the direction of stable, transformative opportunity. It’s an attitude and orientation sort of moment and leaves a hopeful impression.

Saturday night, the Sagittarius Moon cruises through the mid-degrees into square with Neptune in Pisces, exact overnight. This Jupiter-ruled mood is mutable and challenged by Neptunian fog and watery wobble. The mood is in danger of dampening, but adjustments can be made to offset that possibility.

Another danger is chanced in letting the mood to hustle slip by and thereby getting nowhere. But again, that’s only if you’re not on task. It’s also a perfect pause to mold the dream to fit the groove.

In fact, with Mercury moving closer into conjunction with Mars and Mars catching a sextile to Capricorn Venus, it’s hurry up and slow down moment – but with style and substance. Mercury-Mars in Scorpio is the powerful mastermind that responds to Neptune’s fog with precision.

Mercury and Mars also head into square with Capricorn ruler Saturn. The brakes are on and we’ve got some theoretical barriers to scale… but Venus makes a difference here as well. Consider your efforts and brainstorming an investment. These remain in effect all weekend.

Sunday morning, the Sadge Moon sextiles Sadge ruler Jupiter, and the mood crests with verve and spark and lands on optimism once again.

By evening, the Moon heads into solid Capricorn and a conjunction with Venus – as well as sextile to Mars and Mercury, exact overnight. You can sometimes get what you want, and you won’t have to try too hard to figure out how to get what you need.

Slow and steady wins the race, even if it seems like you’re racing around to do the slow and steady thing. We’re building skills, mastery, not sand castles.

How was your new moon experience this week? Do you have any weekend plans?



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