Weekend Love Forecast – Water, Water Everywhere…

water beachAnd not a drop to drink. (Samuel Taylor Coleridge)
This weekend, Mercury and the Sun in watery Scorpio trine Fish ruler Neptune in Pisces. Airy Mars in Gemini (retro) is becalmed in square to Neptune. Becalmed is not a good thing in sailorly terms.

Exceptional plans and pathways are afoot, but we’re at sea. What do we do? Just keep swimming (rowing, sheeting…). Have faith and keep on keeping on. Are those enough platitudes for you? Give me some of your own favorites in the comments, if you please.

In any case, we’re surrounded by myriad choices and depthy avenues, but they’re salty. They’re perhaps not ready. One thing that means is we can explore all the possibilities in our mind. The only thing certain in life is change, and we’re already way out in the swells, swimming with the big kids. This is exciting! We’re getting somewhere; we just don’t know where that is. In any case it’s somewhere.

All weekend long, Venus sextiles Pluto. Action, planning, and plot may be mired in mystery and siren song, but DESIRE pulls hard on the oars. What we want is POTENT, and sublime. AND, there’s opportunity here, and motivation. A chance to breathe new life into old love, or take new love deep and dark and delicious(ly).

Friday night, the sweet Cancer Moon recedes from an out of sign square to Jupiter. We can slow our motor and coast, glide on momentum of mood. Recover some perspective. Contemplation is a great use of this heart-space, and the Moon makes its way into trine with Juno. Passion envelopes the emotional body.

On Saturday night, the feely Cancer Moon moves from a square to Chiron into sextile with Uranus… and into trine with the Sun overnight. Nostalgia (sadder but wiser?) gives way to a new twist on old love, and the balance of the three water signs floats an easy tide.

Sunday morning, the Cancer Moon continues in trine to the Sun and spends the day in a grand water trine with Sun, Mercury, Venus, Neptune, and Jupiter involved. By nighttime, make that a kite as the Moon opposes Pluto. Getting right in your heart is the first step to any significant voyage. Sunday pulls it all together as the collective mood graces us with emotional ballast.

Don’t expect easy sweetness. Cancer has that, but it’s also strong as all get out. Just when you expect softness, you experience its strength as well. Feel your feelings. That’s the first step to going anywhere. Feel the feelings, the hopes, the dreams, and YES, the shame. Feel it all, and feel how that makes you worthy. You’re already worthy, of course, and feeling it all is what breaks you free to pursue… IT. Getting ready even when you’re not sure what’s next is important.

If you find yourself blocked, investigate your emotions.

Do you have any weekend plans?


Weekend Love Forecast – Water, Water Everywhere… — 7 Comments

  1. Wherever you go, there you are.
    Where there’s smoke, there’s fire.
    Where there’s a will, there’s a way.
    Where there’s life, there’s hope.

  2. Ooh is that pic in Cannon Beach, Oregon?

    As platitudes go, my mom used to say “Wherever you go, there you are.” Deep.. :/

    As always, thanks.

  3. My man and I are flying to see his 97 year old mother. It’s been 2 years since he has seen her. He has Parkinson’s Disease and spinal issues. The flight will be difficult for him but I believe the feelies of the reunion will be worth it.

  4. Not knowing where still going,
    Constantly being mesmerized about the tides,still feeling calm even though
    Very stormy here,ocean wild beginning of winter
    Lonelies but oh so hopeful
    Awesome Friday, Friend gave me lobsters Told me come back to the boat and Bring him food, he has big lobster boat, kind I could live on it ,he had been hauling his gear cleaning storing for winter, made burgers loaded them
    Just to see him scoff them down and
    Utter small yums put me on a “ yeah this is a perfect moment, sun setting harbor a mirror bait and tails slapping surface, salty yummy , my kind of perfect moment “
    No work but up early feeling lucky , to be me.Gonna hit dump at sunrise, beat the cuckoo’s

    • Beautiful. Love this. I wish l had a friend give me lobsters…
      You are lucky.

      I’m listening to magpies here. Waiting for more rain.

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