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em graffitiOn Friday the Capricorn Moon spends the whole evening moving closer into sextile with Jupiter (exact overnight). The impact on the collective mood is enormous! If you’re at all inclined to make the most of where you are in the moment, this is a straight up connection to the flow of all life. Look for your opening and DROP IN.

This happens as Mercury in Pisces closes a sextile with Pluto at the very same time. It’s a moment of grounded optimism or joy that underpins a shot at communicating powerful truths in a profound, powerful, and life-altering way. It also supports deep understanding of the full spectrum of inputs, above and below, and how they drive our attitudes and biases. Time may get away with you though. Engrossed we wander a ways. In a good way. Again: life-altering.

Now is the time to research any change you want to make – either to a relationship, to your own mindset and habits, or straight up lifestyle renovation.

On Saturday night, the Cap Moon conjoins Pluto then heads into Aquarius. Boom, there’s an emotional hit, an impact. Something sinks in. Then there’s a chance to distance yourself enough to get it stuck in your being, or branch out into space. Dissociation is possible, but we take it as we take it, as we can.

Early Sunday, Mercury heads into Aries, onto the zero degree of the zodiac. The brain, the senses are on fire with possibilities. Wow! Mars is all the way back to the future in Aquarius heading into Venus, Juno, and Saturn, so planning and battery building (amassing the passion for change) is favored over immediate action… though immediate action may take place (and be quelled… for later). You can commit to action, but it’s likely to take longer to come to fruition as a whole deal.

The Aquarius Moon sextiles the Aries Sun and Chiron then squares Uranus. By nighttime it conjoins Mars. Practice is ideal! Or preparation. Innovate and learn, and take mistakes as a shot at fixing something before it’s truly tested.

What are your weekend plans?

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