Weekend Love Forecast – Virgo Needs Ahead Of The Libra New Moon

emThis weekend, the Moon travels from the end of Leo to the beginning of Libra, encompassing all of Virgo. Late Monday we have the new moon at 15 Libra, ruled by Venus in Scorpio and quincunx Neptune. At the beginning of this run-up, just previous to this writing, Venus goes retrograde.

Friday afternoon, Venus stations retrograde as the late Leo Moon quincunxes retrograde Chiron. The mood is wonky, but that’s not a bad thing. A Leo mood laced with sensitivity can feel off kilter, but it’s also a grand pause before diving into the weekend.

Once the Moon moves to Virgo it shifts into trines to Uranus and Saturn. It a discerning and evaluating mood, one that is able to stand between facts and possibilities, attending to both. The mood regulates a healthy flow of understanding. We need to create a flow between our solid investments and the benefits of following a wild hare.

With Virgo ruler Mercury in Libra, we’re hearing both sides. It’s important to keep an open mind but not so open that one’s brain falls out. Libra can dither. The Virgo Moon does not. The real question revolves around discernment.

With Venus moving back over ground it has already traveled, we’re prompted to revisit what we want. That makes it even harder to nail down a firm concept of choice. Venus retrograde is an opportunity to revisit how we came to settle on our current desires and goals. If our perspective changes, our desires and goals may too. At the very least, we can refine them.

We can narrow our target and understand our aims to a better degree. The more detailed we are able to get, the better we understand what we want… the less effort it takes to get there and the sweeter the win will be.

Saturday night, the Virgo Moon opposes Neptune and trines Pluto. You can be powerfully grounded and still remain open to a wisdom outside the mundane. Open your heart to what makes sense. Feel the power of being open while grounded. You’re powerful enough to withstand keeping an open heart. If you feel vulnerable but safe, able to believe because you’re strong, you’re in the right spot.

The prize must continue to have value or the prize must change.

All weekend, the Libra Sun quincunxes Neptune and Libra Mercury moves into quincunx with Chiron. What we feel is influenced by what we think. Our path is influenced by both. Balance here is tough to achieve without blurring something out. If you have to blur out a part of yourself in order to believe, it’s time to face that fact.

Sometimes we hold back in order to maintain our balance, to not be overwhelmed. Sometimes we hold back a detail in order not to hurt someone or impact their view of us. Sometimes we can’t look at the fact we know someone is not entirely forthcoming. We are afraid of how knowing might hurt.

This weekend, let the grounding of the collective heart facilitate opening up to the possibility you’ve been holding yourself apart from logic AND intuition. Embrace opening up to clear perception. Venus retrograde re-opens deeply held desire. It’s up for review.

Is this still what I want? Can my desires be refined, mastered?

Sunday, the Virgo Moon sextiles Jupiter. We feel enthusiastically philosophical, or perhaps brash. The Moon moves into opposition with Chiron then into quincunx with Uranus as the Moon slips into Libra. There’s no lasting comfort, but there’s no lasting discomfort either. What really feels satisfying this weekend is to fairly evaluate what we perceive. It has to pass the gut test.

The question this weekend is not what do you know. It’s about opening up to the possibility of tweaking how we perceive what we think we know. Fresh truth is juicy truth. If a belief can’t be questioned or re-examined, it’s not juicy enough to keep.

This weekend consider the merits of social norms and knowledge versus intuition. There is also a healthy imbalance between social needs and privacy needs. Sometimes we need to mull things over, but once we do, we may also feel the need to share. Both are healthy and healing. Do what feels right for the moment.

Venus retrograde in Scorpio heading back into square with Mars could open up old wounds or past obsessions. Just be aware of the possibility.

Above all: Tell yourself the truth. Open you heart and your mind to a re-examination of your own motivations. Even so, not everything comes clear just yet. It may help to table expectations and focus on the act of openness. Later we’ll pin things down, but not yet.

Venus moves back into square with Mars. We’ll see that tension spring first. Heart and mind open first. Then we deal with what comes next, as it comes. But we’ll be ready!

What are your weekend plans? Where will the coming new moon hit your chart (15 Libra)?

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Weekend Love Forecast – Virgo Needs Ahead Of The Libra New Moon — 8 Comments

  1. Hitting my 10th house conjunct my Sun, Pluto, and Mercury. My birthday is Monday, so I have a new moon on my Solar Return.

    Should be interesting to say the least.

    Open heart and open mind.

  2. This is Thanksgiving weekend for us here in Canada. Family gatherings and all. A lot of your pointers will be helpful for navigating it. Thanks!

  3. New Moon conjuncts my natal Neptune in the 9th House. “Blurring those relationships” … a bit, to make for meaningful month approaching. I’m learning a lot about what I have blurred SO MUCH in order to swallow foreign ‘dogma.’ Now, I get to reckon with whether I dogma.
    I love this approach: “Fresh truth is juicy truth. If a belief can’t be questioned or re-examined, it’s not juicy enough to keep.” When I chewed gum it was Juicy Fruit that set me right:) Oh so many decades ago.

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