Weekend Love Forecast – Venus Trine Uranus, Unusual Pleasures

Friday night a rough grand cross in the cardinal signs dominates the sky as Mercury holds its opposition to Uranus – Scorpio to Taurus. Tummies rumble and arms get twisted. The best bet in town is to upgrade your way of thinking about it all.

The Cancer Moon square the Libra Sun and retro Mars squares Pluto, volatile. The Moon also pulls into opposition with Jupiter and falls short of exact aspect to Mars and Pluto. But we still feel the crunch and wrench (retch).

The stage is ripe for change. There’s no reason that change can’t be awesome.

Personal control is an issue of semantics, but each of us has to live with ourself – what we do, think, feel, the way we conduct our actions and communications over time. Reputation. Venus in Virgo sextiles Mercury. Values, nurturance, service, and care are solid direction on a theme to mine for inspiration to a higher level of existence.

Saturday night, the Moon opposes Saturn then heads into Leo. Venus trines Uranus and heads closer into sextile with Mercury. If the mood hits a snag, TURN. Sometimes the best way to stop and reorient yourself is to fall down. Just do it with style. Experiment. Be picky. Demand something better than what you’ve been offered. Or maneuver for something better… manipulation isn’t necessarily a bad thing.

Creativity infuses the night with style. There’s a lot of pleasure to be had, but there’s no need to look in the usual places. It’s quite likely that if you keep an open mind, it will find you.

The Sun is slowly heading into opposition with Mars as Venus gets a whiff of potent aspects to Jupiter and Neptune. What can you make of the plans that fell apart? What desires did those plans spring from? Look for the core desires that fell through the cracks but still have merit. What you wanted is still real and solid, but how you wrap your mind around getting it needs work. Pick through the rubble for gems and look for the help you need now. Some great ideas are right on the tip of your brain.

Sunday morning, the Libra Sun squares Jupiter and quincunxes Neptune. This may not be the time to get a smooth routine off the ground, but it is an opportunity to shift into the right pace to get ready. Be ready to give and go and pace yourself to what you CAN accomplish. It creates a condition of “ready-ness” that leads to poise and intuition. Learn to respond to subtle changes in your environment.

Sunday, the Leo Moon trines Chiron and squares Uranus. It goes on to square Mercury as well. Combined with the Libra Sun’s square to Jupiter, the mood exposes us to teachable moments. That’s often code for “trouble”, but take it as something more. Be for real and you can use it as fuel to make your life easier… fewer faux layers of performative bullshit.

The Leo Moon trine Chiron mood is also a great reminder to play just because you can. Have fun and cavort. Seize the day! It’s all we have. And so what… it’s all we ever had.

Venus trine Uranus in earth signs can bring a sudden benefit – profit or pleasure, love… who knows. Where do these planets transit your chart? What are your weekend plans?



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  1. Just wanted to say that I love your weekend forecasts! Like many, I’ve been getting absolutely pummeled lately and am always looking for better ways to work with whatever energies are swirling around in order to keep going.

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