Weekend Love Forecast – Venus Stations Direct, Fiery Fruition

peachesFriday night, retro Venus and direct Juno head into conjunction in Leo as the Aries Moon trines each in turn. The mood is simple and driven. The effect is passionate, fun, and loving… but FIERY, and DRAMATIC. We want to grab a lasting delight. Fantastico!

All weekend, retro Mercury in Virgo heads back into trine with Jupiter in Taurus, exact Monday morning. Thoughts are racing, thoughts of the past that affect your fate. What does it mean? Is it a past, retro Venus prompted love that we’re hoping to hear about, to hear from?

As we reconsider, we have a chance to mine a different mindset for renewed and hopeful consideration. Communications are coming in hot, but they’re also coming in out of order. Reserve judgement till details are exact.

On Saturday night, the Aries Moon conjoins Chiron and opposes Ceres in Libra. Do you want to GO and DO, or are you longing to cocoon and balance a long and pithy week with retreat and pleasure? The pull of each is real. Perhaps a bit of both? One than the other. Choose whatever you can commit to.

Sunday morning, the Moon wraps up in Aries with a square to retro Pluto, jarring but motivating – if you put that power to work for you. The Moon then moves to Venus-ruled Taurus and a sextile to retro Saturn in Pisces. They form a yod with Venus-ruled Libra Mars as Venus slows to station direct a few hours later.

The brakes are on, and that’s a good thing. Emotion is active and straightforward. Action must balance. Reflection aids in choosing the right (righteous?) path. That’s no easy or simple task now. It takes the time it takes.

By nighttime, the Moon heads into trine with the Virgo Sun, so the mood takes on a practical approach to path-building, one that incorporates all that we’ve learned from the protracted Venus retrograde. This understanding of what we truly want as well as our renewed values will take shape soon.

Do you have any weekend plans? How was your full moon experience this week?

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