Weekend Love Forecast – Venus Sextile Saturn, Building Trust That Pays Off

halloweenFriday night, the Gemini Moon trines the Libra Sun. It’s an airy night, a social night. At the outset it looks like relief and a social swirl, a mood to chat and make nice. If you look past the surface, that swirl is a bit dirty… and delicious.

Gemini Moon ruler Mercury is in Scorpio in sextile to Pluto in Capricorn, exact Saturday; and Libra Sun ruler Venus sextiles Saturn in Cap from Scorpio all weekend, exact Sunday morning. Mercury and Venus in Scorpio are subtle but STRONG. They will not be ignored (hello potential bunny boilers). The conversation will always steer onto the edges of the safety zone, rattling cages and titillating the naughty bits. And we want that, because the pleasure is palpable and undeniable.

Mercury sextile Pluto takes the conversation deep. In this aspect, the opportunity is there to skirt the weeds and get or give the info needed to transcend the norm and forge a shift in attitude and reason. We also sense things in the undercurrent. We don’t know how we know but somehow ask the right questions. With Uranus in Taurus, that’s often enough to pop someone out of their comfort zone and answer with startling clarity. Or again – you just sense it. We can pick up on what’s underneath.

Venus in Scorpio sextile Saturn brings the chance to build trust. It’s bait, delicious bait, held by the hand that pets seductively, long enough to calm the savage breast. If you want something or someone deeply, show that you are worthy. And it is going to take an offering, a sacrifice of something of real value. What is their love language? Offer that. You know what’s a love language that’s scorpionic? Money. Why? Because it’s taboo to say you like money. Don’t be afraid to lure someone or just offer up what someone really wants. Don’t be afraid of what they want. Build intimacy, build trust.

Saturday, the Moon moves to Cancer and its own rule. The Moon in Cancer resonates well with the Scorpio energies. It’s an expert mood for subtleties. It does square Mars in Libra, however. The mood is motivated by emotion and heart, by a need for satisfaction. The action principle, Mars, is limited in Libra. It doesn’t swing freely like it might in Aries, the sign it rules. Libra Mars observes the social graces, which runs counter to Libra ruler Venus in Scorpio (which wants what it wants, nice or not).

So action may be stilted or too polite to satisfy. But that’s a general atmosphere thing as well, particularly with the Sun in Libra. So take the Scorpio “edge” and add some sweet smoke. That relaxes the strictures. Talk sweet not-quite-nothings with some soft innuendo, not enough knife to it to cut – just enough edge to stimulate. Make the words sweet… with bite.

Sunday morning, the Cancer Moon moves into a grand water trine with Neptune in Pisces and Venus. It opposes Saturn as Venus sextiles Saturn exactly. This is a kite with an earthy, cardinal outlet. It is delicious, delightful, a slightly naughty flow of pleasure and emotion… with a chewy, long-lasting center. This has value, worth. It has the ability to satisfy and be satisfied. It’s also the peak of the ability to build that level of intimacy and trust. Don’t worry about missing a critical period; it’s active all day.

That intimacy and trust pays off down the road. Invest now.

The Moon goes on to oppose Pluto and trine Mercury. Plans and agreements, facts and a change of mind and attitude are all possible. A complete change of heart through logic and sense is possible. But keep your cool; it has a fated quality. To make the most of this, lean in to what makes sense – not what comes from need or lack. There’s a primal feel to it.

By the end of the night, the Cancer Moon squares the Libra Sun. We’re near to Scorpio season. Leave room for some impolitic rumble under the floorboards. It’s what the night calls for. You can be satisfied regardless.

What are your weekend plans?

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Weekend Love Forecast – Venus Sextile Saturn, Building Trust That Pays Off — 4 Comments

  1. Boy, Satori, you aren’t kidding about the passive-aggressive rumblings from Venus and Mercury sextiling Saturn and Pluto! The Libra Mars is forcing me to bite my tongue! You are right when you stated to use diplomacy when broaching a delicate subject. A firm, nonaccusatory approach yielded a positive result.

  2. LOL, I have 4 planets in Scorpio, and Venus and Mercury are two of them… Sun and Jupiter as well.

    This weekend is…. Juicy, in many ways. Trauma coming up to be healed (Merc opposite natal Chiron), delicate yet delicious intimacy and deeeep digging of stories, secrets etc. All that Pluto/ Saturn energy from my Saturn/Pluto conjunction in Libra/8th house is tough and heavy and wants an outlet with Mars onto them. Warlike feels and urges towards the most intimate stuff such as taboos and traumas.

    Wild weekend! Love the Scorpio season, hate the Chiron/trauma thingies though…. But still, something of real value that shifts your perspective for eternity.

  3. Thank you Satori for the awesome weekly guide and weekend guide! You really do a great job and I like the way you word everything, it has an old soul feel to it. Truly.

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