Weekend Love Forecast – Venus-Mars Mutable Square Lifestyle Challenge

Venus and MarsWe have a small stellium in Aquarius this weekend, and it starts out with the new moon in Aquarius on Friday afternoon. The Aquarius Moon conjoins the Sun, going on to conjoin Aquarius Mercury on Saturday. Aquarius resonates to groups and social change while Mercury relates to senses and attitude but also lifestyle and hygiene. We’re at our cyclical fresh start with a crisp, brisk mood of change.

Aquarius ruler Uranus currently transits Venus ruled Taurus. Taurus related Venus matters orient to values, capital, resources, all we own and wish to own. Our bodies are part of that, second house matters following first house agency. This is mine, and what I gather around me is mine. Uranus here is shaking up the status quo and changing how we view and address our larder and our desires.

Venus in Pisces approaches a conjunction with Neptune, enhancing a desire for connection and at the same time, confusing those desires. Pisces is mutable, so we’re able to adjust where needed. Mars in Sagittarius is also mutable, action can be adjusted, and action is rocket-fueled. Venus squares Mars, exact on Sunday; they’re in an aspect of friction and challenge.

This friction happening in the wake of our fresh start in lifestyle, ours and the collective, likely means we will have to face some obstacle or redirect over getting what we want. OR, what we want may need to be adjusted. Mercury sextiles Mars from Aquarius. When we filter our actions through the mind and social communications, answers POP. A forward thinking attitude is all you need to access these details of inspiration. The access opportunity arrives this weekend, at least for planning – and likely for some sort of action.

Mars is moving into square with Neptune as well. Without an active change in direction, connection is slippery. Neptune connection brings a very tangible feeling of interconnectedness that is glorious and life-affirming. It’s worth fine tuning our agency. If action is still unclear, go back to your notes and adjust your mindset or plans. Between Mars-Neptune and Aquarius Mercury-Mars, it’s likely that what “works” will be something pro-social and compassionate.

Venus moving into conjunction with Neptune can be exquisite desire and longing. It can also help realign an ideal desire with something attainable when used in tandem with thought and action. Can’t get what you want? Try turning some of that pining energy in a direction where you’re experiencing success. Elsa calls that “dreaming something or someone up”. It’s a valid technique – it just takes the willingness to give up on a bad bet and attach to a new one. And this is the perfect time to start!

Friday through Sunday afternoon we have the Moon in Aquarius aiding in our mood to innovate. Then Sunday the Moon moves to Pisces and we’ve got fine attunement to our need to connect with others in a softer, sweeter tone. The passage from pro-social to ethereal may be just what we need to process a change in our approach.

How is the new moon working for you? What are your weekend plans?



Weekend Love Forecast – Venus-Mars Mutable Square Lifestyle Challenge — 5 Comments

  1. I book keep part time for a group, kinda a weekend thing, going to crank thru 2019 receipts ;taxes !!planning on slaying them !!and
    Thinking to reward myself with a bus ticket down town ?:)Saturday night
    Music anyone?? I think I need to dance off the last 3 years

  2. It has certainly meant a very new approach to something that was previously an area for pain and conflict in me.

    But when I took a new approach and turned it around,I was able to view it as a gift instead of a source of immense frustration to both me and my partner’s frustration. I pushed and pushed and didn’t get anywhere,until I learned to slow down. Actually I think it might have something to do with his Cap Ascendant, but again – Saturn can actually make you flourish under limitations šŸ˜ŠšŸ‘šŸ˜‰

  3. I had planned to go an epic yard sale downtown. Just before I left the toilet clogged and sewage pipe outside was clogged. We went to home depot,rented an auger and now cleaning up to return it. Maybe I can still go to yard sale or redirect bank to something else,better.

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