Weekend Love Forecast – Venus Joins Mars In Leo

stage leo nemThis weekend, Venus wraps up its tour of Moon-ruled Cancer and heads into roaring, sunny Leo. Connecting with Neptune and Pluto this week, Venus tapped into the emotional ties regarding our desires and values.

The motivations behind all our drives are freshly tuned, powerful. We’ve had the chance to connect to the possibilities for pleasure and suss out those with lasting meaning or potential for transformational satisfaction. The consideration itself can change us, improve us. It satisfies.

Priorities are based on these preferences, but we don’t always have words for why. What satisfies versus what makes us feel safe… what connects us to others versus what makes us feel powerful, adept. We can feel each of these possibilities and weigh them against our values. What is sacrificed for each? What is gained versus what it given up; can we have both? What is “right” versus what is “deserved”. What does the universe want of us, for us. Is that even a thing?

Much of that consideration takes place on a gut level before it gives rise to thoughts.

Mars in Leo is fixed fire. It’s creative but not always original. As it moves into opposition with Saturn in Aquarius and square to Uranus in Taurus, Mars becomes an engine for change – and it pulls against resistance. BUT, in this case, resistance helps us improve our “game”. It’s a brand new play and Leo likes to play.

However, all that tension with a dramatically motivated Mars lacks a certain softness. Mind your impact. That’s particularly true after Venus moves to join Mars in Leo on Saturday night. Desires and action are on the same page once again and they’re on fire. Venus heads into quincunx with retro Jupiter in Pisces; values may sputter then jolt. Pleasure rules. Check in with your consequences meter all weekend.

Friday night with Venus at the end of Cancer, the Capricorn Moon sextiles Neptune and heads into conjunction with Pluto. We need to feel connected, to feel good enough. Subtlety is the key to achieving satisfaction. Rely on the integrity of your intuition.

Saturday night begins with a 29 degree Cancer Venus and ends with Leo Venus at zero as the Aquarius Moon opposes Mars and picks up the fixed t-square energy from Mars-Saturn-Uranus (exact Sunday morning). Expect drama but also deflected sensitivity. Don’t pick any fights for fun. Or actually, I shouldn’t say that because that’s exactly how fights get started: “You’re not the boss of me.”

But it looks as much like an excuse to rumble as it does an occasion for rebellion and control. Play fighting might be the answer. Role play is especially awesome.

Sunday morning that energy peaks and levels out a bit with the Moon forming a trine to Mercury, exact midday. There are far more interesting dramas to entertain! Follow your nose… your ears and eyes, or maybe an invitation.

How did the full moon in Capricorn affect you? Do you have any weekend plans?



Weekend Love Forecast – Venus Joins Mars In Leo — 4 Comments

  1. figured some stuff out. people don’t really change. my neptune mars and neptune venus got a good whack in the face with reality. i feel oddly peaceful about it all now. letting go can be so easy once you see things from a certain angle.

  2. Much better. June up until that point was…

    Insane? Outer limits?

    Full moon was conjunct natal Mercury square Pluto.

    It was like the Universe said, “Enough already people. She’s done. Serve her with some fava beans and a nice chianti.”

  3. I stayed the night at my friend’s last night and then went to a BBQ I was invited to by the same friend. On my way home, his mom asked if I wanted to go to the coast with them tomorrow, which is what we call going to the beach/ocean in my state. It caught me off-guard because I was not expecting that. We’ll see about that though. I won’t be upset if I don’t end up going. My friend probably wants spend time with her while she’s in town.

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