Weekend Love Forecast – Venus In Capricorn, Lasting Love

hands All weekend, the Sagittarius Sun sextiles Saturn in Aquarius. It also squares Neptune in Pisces. After significant tumult with Wednesday’s full moon in Gemini, the Mars-Neptune fog abates only to engulf the will. BUT, Saturn brings traction, air to fire, light to move the story forward.

Friday night, the robust Cancer Moon squares Chiron, and Venus moves from Sagittarius to join Mercury in Capricorn. Moon, Chiron, Venus, Mercury: all cardinal. All up to the challenge of digging in and dealing with a new path. We flipped quickly from a fiery Sadge stellium to an earthy Cap one, but the Sadge Sun is a strong, rear guard. The collective will has legs!

Venus and Mercury head into sextile with Vesta. Pay attention to what matters. What MATTERS. That’s where we get the best insights and make the strongest returns. Venus in Capricorn works for love and money. So sad! NO, it’s real and it lasts. We all work hard for what we get. This influence assists in targeting “the right thing”. There’s a better shot at figuring out what that is and digging in.

Saturday night, the Mercury-Vesta sextile perfects. The Cancer Moon forms a yod via quincunx to Saturn and the Sun, then trines Neptune. Control is a good thing when you use it on YOURSELF. Take advantage of this mood, take control, and gain traction from within. Look for the clues through the nexus of your devotion. Hang in there and take in the news, let it soak in, the news of what matters most.

Attitudes change slowly, but the reasons are arriving and filtering through the resolve. It’s not a trudging realization, it’s an epiphany. And practical.

On Sunday the Cancer Moon opposes Pluto and trines Neptune by midday. Are you starting something? While there may be opposition, that can be exactly what you need to go all in and create. Creative juices flow throughout the day.

Afternoon takes the Moon into sunny Leo. It quincunxes Venus then goes on to quincunx Mercury. If you get cracking in the morning, the afternoon takes that momentum in dramatic stride. The mood coordinates perfectly with the Sadge Sun will to jump and run and discover. It takes some effort, some intent, but take it personally! There’s fun to be had in firing up to learn something, to make what you’ve learned into something life affirming, life loving, path altering.

Do you have any weekend plans? How did the full moon go for you? Eleventh house for me. My rural/nomad internet went down permanently, so apparently I now write with a cell phone.


Weekend Love Forecast – Venus In Capricorn, Lasting Love — 5 Comments

  1. Hello – The Wednesday full moon came and went in my life. I had Mars at 16 Gem on the cusp of my second house and the full moon was on the cusp of second house at 16 GEM. I spent most of the day at my local library getting some technical clarification for two issues I was dealing with on my computer. The energies of the day, for me, seemed somewhat subdued. No surprises , no hysterics, no nashing of teeth. I survived quite well.

  2. Full moon was OK peaceful the moon was gorgeous .on the weekends I open bay scallops ,I clean them and attach them to lights I’m going to market for the next two days hopefully others will like the art ?get me some Christmas cash for some lift tickets
    Snow imminent here just a matter of time
    And wind

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