Weekend Love Forecast – Venus Enters Leo, Stage Left

stage leo nemJuno and Mars conjoin in Leo, in waxing trine to Jupiter. The Sun in Leo squares Uranus and hits its exact trine to Chiron Sunday night. Saturday, Venus will make its debut on the Leo stage, in the third act.

Juno and Mars colluded with Jupiter for jolly action in the interpersonal setup. Many possible plot twists are already in the offing. Mercury, though now retrograde in Cancer, was part of that. We got the party started and the party went on while a part of us went backstage, or to leave the narrative – internal, to contemplate what it all really means.

Then there was eclipse season, all serious and feely in Cancer and Capricorn. The Sun emerged triumphant, on into Leo where it picked up the drama of a changing values system (Uranus in Taurus) and the urge to tackle personal authenticity (Chiron in Aries)… and possibly (fecklessly) try to force others to be authentic as well. “Be mindful, damn you!” ::points sword – lunges and laughs::

The Moon is the heart of the play, but it moves quickly. Venus is the desire that drives all else. In Cancer, Venus was intimately involved in the eclipse backstory. As Mercury crossed Venus’ path this week, and Venus moved forward as Mercury moved back further into Cancer, mulling and observation have melded with longing to create another perspective and an emerging purposeful essence. But it is not fully realized. It must play out further in order to ripen.

The eclipse magic doesn’t end yet; it’s woven into the play.

It’s beautiful fruit, but green inside. Venus comes to Leo to ripen and improve the quality of the drama.

Mercury is moving into opposition with Pluto, but it will not arrive there before turning direct. The flavor, though, is exquisite. It pairs with the prevailing mood as it goes. We get input from outside and within. There’s a drive to impart our own findings, but they are not always so well received.

But consider this: However they are received may be how they are MEANT to be received. We all have our part. Follow your intuition as part of yours.

Friday night, Leo Mars quincunxes Saturn exact. Action is challenging but pithy and driving. You can win! Or lose, or get bloodied and sweaty… it’s a wild-card of playful intensity, cruelty for drama-sake or hard-driving stage ethics. We are kings and we are villains! Both sometimes. Have you heard of play therapy? This is play therapy now; enjoy what you’re working out. It is only dire if you forget it’s play.

I’m not saying the action is dire. I’m saying some people decide that it is, so it is – for them. Don’t let that determine how YOU take it. Take or or leave it. That’s also involvement with Pluto. You’re free to decide to leave it. Friday night the Taurus Moon trines Pluto and sextiles Mercury and Venus. Don’t waste such delicious, compelling aspects. What a show. Devour it. Consume it. Or leave it for something sweeter.

Saturday Venus moves to Leo, conjoining the Sun and picking up its aspects. It’s on! Desire radiates into everything. Venus takes the stage. Genuine self care, the kind where you’re performing it only for you, is particularly appropriate. It’s also fun to include others. Remember that it’s for YOU, though. You don’t have to bow to surprise changes if they don’t suit you, but you don’t want to ruin your own good time either. Be considerate of yourself as you consider the desires of others.

When people tell you “the show must go on”, take it with a grain of salt. They’re trying to create an emotional response for their own purpose. You still get to choose based on yours.

The Saturday Moon in Gemini sextiles Venus and the Sun early on. Nighttime brings an emerging sextile to Mars and Juno as well as opposition to Jupiter – all exact Sunday morning. There’s action, exposition, and inflation of all. The mind informs the mood, and the mind is an emotional wild card. Sounds like fun and furor… all the way through Sunday night.

Leo season is the time to get into playing the character of YOU. That is made all the more prominent by the early Leo Sun’s aspects to Uranus and Chiron. We will have challenges to this and the exact right skills to bring to those challenges. Tally ho!

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Weekend Love Forecast – Venus Enters Leo, Stage Left — 2 Comments

  1. guess on Saturday’s night I abode by other’s desires at the cost of my own… That’s left me pretty pissed, mostly because I was not able to do what I had been so sure I could and had prepared hard for it – Leo aside, I have natal Mars in Virgo in 5th house, and if I botch my ‘performance’, I will be pissed at myself.

  2. Interesting. I’ve been including the color red in my appearance as of late. Red nail polish on both hands and feet and wearing red heart earrings. They complement my current hair color, which is a burgundy red. On Sunday, I’m heading into the city in which I live nearby in one of the outerlying suburbs to give my Sagittarius male friend some corned beef that I cooked today. Who knows what that may lead to. If something happens, it happens. If not, it doesn’t.

    I personally think it’s the perfect time to play around with romantic endeavours as that would be a 5th house matter, which is Leo’s natural domain.

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