Weekend Love Forecast – Venus And Mercury Trine Pluto

Emma busThis weekend, the Moon finishes up in Sagittarius, making now new aspects, then tours the populated degrees of Saturn-ruled Capricorn in trine to the Virgo stellium. The Sadge Moon goes into Friday night under the smooth, earthy flavor of the Virgo Sun trine Saturn, with the Sun in orb of square to Moon sign-ruler Jupiter, smokey.

A slow pace is the successful bet. But we’re pushed, propelled, a megaphone blast from the sidelines. Or are we on the sidelines and thrust into the race?

Saturday night, the Moon in Capricorn forms a grand trine with Juno in Virgo and Uranus in Taurus. It’s a stable mood set to capitalize on leaning into change. That Sun-Jupiter square is exact overnight. What will pop is likely to crank up on Saturday night. The mood is stable if you are willing to incorporate change. The status quo is not favored, which seems counter-intuitive with so much earth. Set your heart as a counterweight to whatever would throw off your groove. Be ready, be calm. You have this; it doesn’t have you.

Sunday’s Capricorn Moon lights up Saturn and Pluto and trines Mars, Sun, and Mercury in Virgo. Overnight it trines Venus as well. Those who regulate their emotions can leverage this influence into SOLID action and growth. Listen to your heart and its solid guidance system. There’s power to put into action and figure out your next moves. It’s slow because it’s detail oriented; but when you hit the right stride it happens quickly from there. We need to take the time to do this right, set things in deliberate motion. Don’t rush it. Feel what you feel as it comes. No pushing – you’ll get bad results if you pester or push.

The weekend takes its flavor from Venus, Mercury, and Mars – all in the Mercury-ruled sign of Virgo. The smart moves are the ones that build on the last and into the next. This can’t be rushed, even when outside influences say otherwise. If something genuinely ought to happen quickly, you’ll understand it intellectually. The muster of Neptune will make itself known subtly.

Friday night, Mercury opposes Neptune. Open your senses and see what flows in. Don’t grasp. Open up and keep at whatever it is you’re working on, but leave yourself open to inspiration. Things come through when you’re not ogling them. It is a good time to investigate whatever methods you personally use to gather info (tarot etc.).

Mars is approaching a t-square with Jupiter and Neptune. It won’t close this weekend, but that makes it a building aspect pattern to watch. It’s a stress aspect that can manifest in physical ways. Be sure to notice when you’re storing tension and find a way to release it before it’s out of your hands. It’s hard to find the perfect balance between allowing yourself to be softly guided and allowing yourself to be pushed sideways into traffic. You can change your own tempo any time you like. The choices lie within YOU.

Also Friday, Venus trines Pluto. While this is a gorgeously delicious aspect (it so is), it has the flavor of power, obsession, and intensity. These are neutral until directed. Keep your eyes on the prize and not the wall! You go where your eyes go. If you’re prone to obsessing, make sure you don’t resurrect a toxic fixation. Hurts so good only hurts good for a short bit, and then it just hurts.

Sunday, Mars trines Saturn and Mercury trines Pluto as the Sun moves into close opposition to Neptune. That guidance is likely to come in STRONG. The Moon in Capricorn highlights the feeling aspects in all this. The guidance brings an intensity that can feel threatening, but it is measured and necessary. Sometimes we need a strong hand, not just to guide but to motivate. Who we are is not threatened. Who we are is getting back on track. The hand feels firm, but it can be disconcerting if you’re not open to trusting, believing. Do your best. Stay calm and open. That’s the best anyone can do.

Be ready to act when it makes sense. Control is an undercurrent, but your best method of control is softening to your inner guidance.

What are your weekend plans?

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