Weekend Love Forecast – Venus And Mercury, Plan For Love

COOKIE IN PARISFriday night, Mercury at the end of Virgo sextiles Venus at the end of Cancer, both in signs they rule. Ah love, she is sweet… and smart, vulnerable and versatile, caring for self and others. Maybe a little cranky and nit-picky, but oh so sweet and smart.

Friday night’s Aries Moon gets in on the act, setting a mood for action. The Moon quincunxes the Sun and squares Jupiter: highjinks ensue! If you’re feeling rushed, remember to think before you act.

Venus participates in a fairly tight and stressful cardinal grand cross, but one that has already been sprung, for the most part. Venus, Mars, Juno, and Saturn hold four corners at 25+ degrees of cardinal signs. Do the right thing in your relationships folks! Even if doing so is hard or sets you back.

It’s a situation that creates some jangle and restriction in doing what you’d like or getting what you want. It may even call the structure or stability of your relationships into question. However, this may be exactly what they need. If something can’t grow, let it expire and move on. What’s most likely here is that we feel the aftershocks in this area, reflections of actions already taken.

Saturday morning, Mercury’s sextile to Venus is exact, but they stick together in orb of the transit all weekend long, even as Mercury moves to cardinal Libra. This goes a long way to enrich conversations and sweeten the senses. If conditions are rough, they’re often mitigated by having the right words at the perfect moment.

Mercury in Libra is the diplomat’s signature.

Saturday night, the Aries Moon conjoins Black Moon Lilith and goes on to conjoin Mars. It hots up that cardinal square with an opposition to Juno and squares to Saturn and Venus. It’s a justice/fairness mood and possibly contains issues with possessiveness and pushing back against that which is deemed unfair. It’s also sports a sexual flavor. The best way to work with this energy is to find a healthy, active, physical avenue to express it. Spicy dancing is always a great way to channel Juno-Lilith-Mars energy. Just keep it legal for Saturn. And personal, targeted, for Venus in Cancer.

Sunday morning, Venus moves to Leo and a fiery desire makes itself known. My values ARE me! Aren’t I beeeeuuuutiful. And truly, you are.

The Moon moves to Taurus overnight, into square with Venus and quincunx to Mercury. The mood is more concerned with pleasure than fire, drama, or diplomacy. Taurus wants what it wants and nothing else will do. However, it does move into conjunction with Uranus, so a different expression is justified.

The Taurus Moon also highlights an emerging trine with the Sun and Jupiter, as well as the Sun’s eventual opposition to Neptune. A Venus-ruled mood is ideal for looking ahead at longer termed planning, even if it’s just a pipe-dream now. With Venus and Mercury in Libra and Leo, fun in love should be part of that wishful thinking.

What are your weekend plans?



Weekend Love Forecast – Venus And Mercury, Plan For Love — 2 Comments

  1. More flowers and ice cream to sell
    Question is will The 11th hour
    Tonight find me counting up or
    Do I dare bring my pole to cast
    Under the bridge on my way home?
    Could find my big fish, just one big fish
    Long Sunday working alone, (10-10)are people going to be kind or nuts
    Some are just nuts;Grandson took boat to mainland to visit mother
    Hasn’t slept over her home in15 years??? feel
    Wish you washy, but happy for him
    Never saw how strong he was ,a lot of faith in him, or is this the point aim
    And release the bow moment For
    Him, for me?good thing I have this
    Work, for a month more?
    Faith, gotta have it

    • I’m dreamin’ of walking in to buy double spoon of vanilla and peach on a waffle cone … from you. A September treat. No nuts, thanks. Leaving you a great big tip, and a big of magic for the tip of your pole … irresistible bait.
      Flowers … your combo will suit me fine.
      Your faith shines, Raerae.

      Late night view of firey Mars tucked so tight in the curve of the Moon. Needed that vision to weather the smoke from wild late summer fires. Mature pipe-dream … haha, yes, waiting for the plumper to come and fix up right the old well-house for watering future dream. Plan for love. Bed rest, for the lungs to take the next breath.
      Yes, Faith, gotta have it.
      Kisses, Raerae and Satori xx Moki

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