Weekend Love Forecast – Triple Conjunction In Loving Libra

promFriday night, the Scorpio Moon trines Neptune, squares Jupiter, and goes on to sextile Pluto. It’s a luscious October mood, full of thrill and sparkling anticipation. With Venus ahead in Sagittarius, we want MORE. We want it ALL. With a Pluto-ruled Moon, we need it… and we might get it.

Friday night on through Saturday morning, retrograde Mercury makes its way back into conjunction with the Libra Sun. Check back in on what you’ve been brewing since the new Libra Moon. There should be some plans you can see taking shape. They may need tending.

Midday Saturday, Venus conjoins the Moon’s south node exactly. The moment is ripe to appreciate the fruits of our own (and others’) philosophical values and keenly honed skills. We may even find a chance to put them in play to our advantage this weekend.

By Late afternoon, Mercury moves back past the Sun, into and through conjunction with Libra Mars, all occupying three mid-degrees of Libra by nightfall. They call us to re-evaluate but also build upon the plans and goals we hold or negotiate with others, or that create social involvement one on one. Relationships come in many guises, and it’s good to check in now where you can. Confirm and document!

Saturday night’s Sagittarius Moon moves from a conjunction to Venus (exact midday), into sextile with Saturn, and then trine to Chiron (exact overnight). The collective mood wants motion, the directed motion of fire. Restraining that fire to your own purposes brings a chance to heat things up, to regulate, to COOK. Freedom joined with commitment is real and dynamic. Chiron brings an authentic purpose to that movement. We may even learn something and put it to good use.

Sunday morning, the Sadge Moon sextiles retro Mercury, Mars, then the Sun. It’s a mood to GO, and sense, and BE… with someone else. Co-creation is a thing. In fact, it may be the best thing for genuine progress.

By afternoon, the Moon heads into square with Neptune then sextile with Jupiter (exact overnight). Go big, but not so big that you lose yourself. Venus picks up the leading edge of a sextile to Saturn by nighttime, so we’re working for love – love that’s deep and real and cutting edge. It’s also an opportunity to commit.

What are your weekend plans?



Weekend Love Forecast – Triple Conjunction In Loving Libra — 3 Comments

  1. It’s my son’s fourth birthday and his first party, given the pandemic and we moved. Outdoor party at a park. So excited and it sounds like he’s got an interesting solar return chart this year. He is growing up fast all of a sudden…maybe libra Mars.

  2. Well the birthday woman just pooped out. Literally. Has diarrhea. Way to start the Mercury retro solar year. I am buttoned up pretty tight. My past is gone but no future feeling yet either. The reality is pretty overwhelming. My senses are not prepared for this. Adjusting to the muchness. Feel like I am being pryed open with a crowbar.

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