Weekend Love Forecast – The Venus Moon Wants MORE

Jane snow furFriday night, the Moon in Venus-ruled Libra quincunxes retro Saturn in Pisces. Leo Venus continues in square to retro Jupiter, and Libra Mars moves along in sextile to Venus. We want to grab the good stuff! We need to take it slow and do it right.

It’s part hindrance and part wisdom. You can act correctly AND quickly once you’ve learned slowly. Experience makes the difference. When you encounter a barrier, consider why it’s there. Likely it points to a lesson.

All weekend long, Venus trines retro Chiron in Mars-ruled Aries as Mars moves into opposition. The lesson is an old one, something we’re getting another shot at – to our benefit. The shot is setting up; the opportunity will arrive once we’ve trained up. So start training. Opportunities to learn? They look like challenging obstacles. They look like mistakes past mistakes we’d rather not replay.

Venus is squaring Jupiter again. Venus squared Jupiter before when Venus was retro and Jupiter was direct. We readdressed some Leo issues of desire, issues around creativity, generosity, self esteem, drama. Compelled. We want so much! Now their meaning is on blast.

Friday night, the Virgo Sun perfects its trine to retro Uranus. All weekend it opposes retro Neptune and trines retro Pluto. A new path is upon us… excite! But it’s also a bit foggy and remote; a powerful aura of foreboding is present somewhere. BUT… it may never manifest as an actual threat. So what is it you’re wanting, desiring that is having such an intense impact on your day to day life? Can you use it to power your approach to the unknown rather than impede your progress?

Saturday night, the Libra Moon conjoins Mars and sextiles Venus. The mood is airy and magnificent. It’s not one up, and it’s not one down. The night begins with the mood in balance, where Libra needs to be. Powerful, and intellectually ON FIRE. It also means we’re good to GO.

The Moon moves on to quincunx retro Jupiter just before Venus perfects its square to Jupiter. The collective mood sets up to master this challenge. YOU’VE GOT THIS. Don’t let anyone push you to take it too fast. You’re on your OWN speed and you’ll pick it up when you’re ready. We’re gaining experience and training up in real time. All our past experience is packed in there too. IN YOUR OWN TIME only.

Watch your spending, watch your substances, watch your dramas… just because someone wants a decision now does not mean you owe them their timeline. Mercury is direct now but moving slowly. Let your realizations and decisions catch up in time as well. Let understanding catch up, meaning catch up. Keep your balance, keep choosing what works for you NOW. It takes time to sink in, even when you have all the facts (if you do).

There will be room for more once the returns are IN. Learn to hold your balance once you find it, and don’t be pushed beyond your balanced pace. Keep your own best interest in mind and heart. Does something add to your life? Do you have to reach so far that you lose your balance?

What adds to our lives is a good thing. Take the time to substantiate those claims without losing ground. Love that hurts is something else. We’re near to hacking the whole thing. Stay in balance as you work toward that realization.

Do you have any weekend plans? How do you feel after Thursday’s Virgo new moon? I’m excited that Mercury is direct. WHEW!


Weekend Love Forecast – The Venus Moon Wants MORE — 6 Comments

  1. Yes, many things coming in to view and helpers along the way appearing like mid wives…breathe breathe…not everything all at once (remember?)

    Saturn in Pisces is back in my 12th opps. Pluto Virgo con.Des. sq. MC.

    The image of the pre-Christain goddess (l bought last century from a junk shop) is crowned…l forgot to say that …She has many names.

    Today, l am going to the country to walk by a river– shoes off! Then have lunch at a very good resturant.

    Balance is fundamental if you want to walk…l mean that practically and otherwise. Not one or the other but both together…

    • l wrote that badly… l meant one foot first, then the other…but it is also true in a way too. l dont take walking for granted anymore…with a knee that comes and goes and a wonky toe.

      Everything is timing in a way.

  2. “Do you have to reach so far you lose your balance?” 🥰Right! There are many ways to float your boat, and timing matters, training up takes time and time again.
    Love this one, Satori… 🙌

  3. Hi Satori. I felt this New Moon as a cosmic junk dump. The psychopath in our family has been exposed, and although he is certainly thrashing around, the rift he has caused between me and my sister has closed.Finally we are one team against his machinations. He has used triangulation to keep us apart for many, many decades, but now it feels like the Sun has come up again. Hopefully so. As you said there will be more room when the returns are in. Your predictions are so accurate, Satori, thank you🙏🙏🙏

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