Weekend Love Forecast – The Second Full Moon In Aquarius

boy heliosFriday night, the Aquarius Moon conjoins Saturn and heads into sextile with Chiron in Aries. Coming on the heels of a Sun-Jupiter opposition, the collective mood favors getting your shit together and working it out. That means being real with yourself, even if you don’t feel like it.

Mars in Virgo trines Uranus, an echo of Mercury’s Uranus trine from Friday morning. First you plan, then you do. The plans likely have plenty of flex. That’s a good thing because the action requires flexible planning. Expect to deviate from the norm and the production level will be EXPERT.

If something needs doing, jump in and DO IT. No fuss or muss, just walking the talk.

Saturday night, the Aquarius Moon travels through the midpoint of the Neptune-Pluto sextile. Then it finishes up with a conjunction to Jupiter, exact overnight. The mood fairly vibrates with poignancy and change, a tightrope that feels at once dangerous and protected. Without the possibility of failure, success is not sweet. But it also teases the promise (possibility) of a miracle.

The abyss is real, but so is the reward. Change brings its own reward, but applying Venus-Saturn keeps score in cold hard cash… or love and pleasure. Or influence and gain, the list goes on.

From the moment the Moon hit Aquarius Friday morning, we were feeling it; it being the full moon. Saturday night is peak buzz and hum. The curtain is going up on the last act. Do we know if it’s a comedy or a tragedy? Maturity means embodying good value/s regardless of whether the going is rough or easy (Venus-Saturn). The Moon rolling over Jupiter is a boost. A boost goes a long way toward putting you into cushy orbit.

Early Sunday, the Aquarius Moon opposes the Leo Sun, both at 29 degrees. The curtain closes on the drama of collective needs versus the wholeness, vitality, and integrity of the self… each self, all selves. Where do we go it alone? Alone in a crowd? Where must we join the rest of humanity? How are we doing with that? It’s on blast, so we’re sure to feel the electricity and fire of our own position.

Right after the full moon, the Moon glides into Pisces: a fog, anesthetic for our pouts and slices. By evening, the Sun heads into Virgo, and Virgo ruler Mercury moves into opposition to Neptune. Plenty of people seem to think they know what’s what, what’s right for you. If they do, you’ll know it, because it will ring true in your heart. But more likely it’s just fuss and bother. People do like to talk. Or it’s sound and fury, signifying nothing. a mere shadow of reality. OR, you may get wind of something divine.

When you know, you know, and you won’t be fooled… unless you choose to be. Don’t put too much stock in what you hear now unless it makes sense in your gut. Eventual actions will jibe with promises if it’s something you can count on. It’s okay to get your hopes up! Just don’t sell the cow for magic beans. Not yet. Mars will come along and seal the deal if it’s genuine.

The full moon takes place Sunday morning at 29 degrees Aquarius. Where does this affect your chart?



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  1. Full Moon in my 2nd House, and that means mid-way … then slips into Pisces still in the 2nd House. What values are feeding me, and not impeding my peeps? I love the Pisces “anesthetic for our pouts and slices” arrangement. It’s been one tough week, and that’s not all bad news.
    I’m ripe with age, going to seed in many ways, composting parts of the old and sorting through what works and wut don’t.

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