Weekend Love Forecast – The Power Of Commitment In Action

seattle emmaThis weekend, retrograde Taurus Juno trines Pluto in Capricorn, earth to earth, as Pisces Mars moves onto their midpoint, in sextile to both. Action is fated and divinely inspired, if not outright compelled by circumstance.

There’s no cause to dither over a course of action. If you’re in the flow, the action flows. If it doesn’t, that’s not the way to go. In that case, wait till you know. Or keep flowing till you find the outlet. You’ll find yourself funneled into place when you don’t fight the current.

Mercury in Sagittarius moves closer to conjunction to Jupiter, ruler of Sagittarius. Jupiter inflates or broadcasts what it moderates. Mercury in Sadge is already pretty jumpy, sporty, upbeat, or downright shouty. Jupiter puts that on blast. It also infuses the senses, attitudes, and communications. Turn up the volume on joy, on enthusiasm, on bigger picture viewpoints.

A sense of humor is on board, right now, this very minute! HEY, did you hear that! But people will want to run with it. There’s not a lot of patience for details and follow up. There’s a push to get on with it as far as the narrative goes. There’s a little looking behind, but more looking ahead.

Some will want to hang back and discuss from a looking behind perspective as Mercury is still moving out of its retrograde shadow. A little of that is a good thing, but be ready to focus forward and tie it into fresh spin.

The Sun is moving toward a trine to Uranus, but it won’t be exact till next week. It infuses the weekend with a bouncy, eclectic manner that supports the Mercury focus of future. It helps with transitions, though they may seem choppy at times. Oh well! It’s a move on, move up… just MOVE kind of weekend. That’s in attitude. In actuality, the motion is far more subtle and smooth.

Venus in Scorpio is closing its sextile to Saturn in Capricorn, water to earth. This takes place Sunday morning, though it applies keenly all weekend. Fill what’s empty; empty what’s full. It takes place with Pluto and Juno in trine, auspicious for lasting transformation and power in commitment. Agreements last – even if they’re just with yourself.

Venus sextile Saturn brings opportunity to solidify values, capitalize on stability, make an investment that pays off – pay off on an investment. It can also be good old, plain, deep, delicious, lasting love. Or pleasure! It looks like good things for the ones who do the work.

But if you did the work and don’t see results, don’t despair. It comes in time.

Friday night, the Pisces Moon conjoins Mars, lighting up its formation with the Pluto-Juno trine. Go with the flow. It’s divine.

Saturday night, the Moon conjoins Chiron. We feel where we’re being moved, moved to learn – to stretch past the mundane of our comfort zone to heal and grow. The Moon moves on to Aries, over the Aries point – the beginning of the zodiac, a fresh start to feel our inner fire. It trines Mercury and Jupiter by extension. A heart full of fire must express itself, and it feels the senses so keenly.

Sunday morning, the Moon trines Jupiter proper, right after the exact sextile of Venus and Saturn. The Moon goes on to aspect Venus and Saturn: quincunx Venus, square Saturn. Even when Venus-Saturn is good, beneficial, or wanted, Saturn is still a hard thing impacting a soft thing (Venus). There’s still an “OOOPH” effect. Don’t let it take you off balance in the mood department. If you are aware, you can feel how it can motivate you from within. It can be a very good time to connect the Venus-Saturn energy to the Mars-Pluto energy… and get shit done.

NEXT IN VENUS-LAND… our heroine Venus begins to move past aspect to Saturn and into trine to divinely supple and sweet and elusive Neptune. Oh the things that are just beyond her reach! Tune in next time…

First, THANK YOUUUU to you-know-who-you-are! Aaand… what are your weekend plans under this exceptionally exciting sky?

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  1. Looks like an amazing weekend for the water and earth signs. But generally the mood looks nice. Not without tears though *points at self*

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