Weekend Love Forecast – Tepid Taurus Moon; Sometimes That’s Better Than Hot

nemFriday the Taurus Moon conjoins Uranus, squares Mars, and moves into trine with Saturn. Even with the Mars square, things feel better. Jangle is the new normal. The trine to Saturn actually feels good. It stabilizes the jangle into excitement.

Also Friday, retrograde Aquarius Mars sextiles Chiron and Juno opposes Jupiter. Whether things come to a head or not, something in relationships is healing, moving, getting balanced and resolved. Re-solved. This is not a comfort aspect(s) but more a hurts-so-good kind of thing. It can be a sore spot we pamper that keeps us from running amok. Seek the pleasure in a do the right thing mode, and don’t put too much emphasis on what isn’t working smoothly.

By Saturday, Mercury retrograde in Leo quincunxes Pluto in Capricorn. It was also exact in the middle of July, a few days after the new moon in Cancer. Rehashes are possible. The subjects may be ones that arose around the eclipses, or much older issues, or both. I see no reason to think this is a difficult thing. It could be another shot at transformation. Attitudes change when we sense things differently, and that’s very likely this weekend. Perspective is everything.

Also Saturday, the Taurus Moon conjoins Juno lighting up the opposition to Jupiter. It goes on to trine Pluto and square Mercury. Keep your own mood grounded. Satisfied. Deeply, if at all possible. Whatever it takes. Some people WILL pop off and use that grounding to take the stage and shame or belittle others. But it won’t be any of us, will it?

And if it happens to us… do this thing… drop your chin as you turn your head slowly to face them, lift your eyebrows and stare…………………. “I have no response to that.” That’s a Taurus Moon to Pluto with Leo involved move.

Don’t let them get your goat! We’re better than that. Can you feel it?

Early Sunday those aspects finish up. Then the Taurus Moon trines Venus at the end of Virgo. It’s delicious and smart and a wee bit practical. Get up and greet the day, or have fun and then get up and greet the day. Venus throws open the curtains for the Moon to enjoy. It’s a breakfast morning that extends into the rest of the day.

Later Sunday, the Moon moves to Gemini and a trine to Mars, air to air. It also sextiles Chiron. It’s not the best time to start a new practice and have it stick. It is however a great time to pick up something you let slide and start over. Rethink your yoga practice, your meditation, your walking, your banjo… whatever sounded like a great idea for growth but didn’t catch you up. See if there’s some oomph left in it. It might just hit the spot!

What are your weekend plans?

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Weekend Love Forecast – Tepid Taurus Moon; Sometimes That’s Better Than Hot — 5 Comments

  1. Picture this… you know how you’ve pissed people off by being you and they wanted you to be something else? And then you go to bed, wake up, cry all morning… then inexplicably feel better… THEN, you feel BETTER. You RALLY. You feel like having fun; who knows why. And you get to choose how and when because no one expected you to rally… that’s how this weekend feels when I look at the charts.

  2. Thank you Satori, this is such a special way to describe it all. I especially love your description as a “thang”, irrespective of the charts, given that life can just “be” this way. It certainly is often mine. (Uran conj Leo Moon 4thH). I love your writing, your insight your very and deeply special way of putting everything into perspective.I appreciate it.

  3. Thank you, Satori. You have such a way of making me feel better about what goes on in life! It makes the good, the bad, and the ugly seem ‘purposely appropriate!’ You are a blessing!

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