Weekend Love Forecast – Tension Winds The Spring Of Pleasure

stand mixerFriday night, the Aries Moon squares Mars and conjoins Chiron. While we may find ourselves thwarted, blocked from what we want to do, it’s a soft block, a healthy guide that directs us where we NEED to act/learn/heal.

There’s satisfaction in doing what you know needs done. There are times you can do the thing then head right back to the other thing. That’s less likely here, but you can do it another day! The upside is that doing the right thing makes you feel good about yourself. Priorities!

This weekend, Mars heads into square with Chiron, so this condition persists. Mars also trines Uranus – forging a new way, a novel way. Finding a groove Friday night can facilitate not only self-satisfaction but gaining some actual ground toward the future… if you can get on board with incremental action and perhaps only getting things started. Sometimes just overcoming inertia to begin is a job in itself. Once started, it’s easier pick a task back up later when the urge strikes and conditions allow.

Mars heads into orb of conjunction to Venus, and newly direct Mercury marches back into conjunction with Pluto – all in Capricorn. We’ve collected much data over time, and some of it is staggeringly important. It contains multitudes, and there still a few kernels left to find and pack in there. This stuff is potent and can’t you just feel your body quiver with the pleasure of anticipation? We can put a lot of this to use and it’s going to PAY OFF.

Saturday night, the Aries Moon sextiles the past exact Sun-Saturn conjunction and winds up in a semi-sextile to Neptune. Overnight, the Moon finishes an exact square to Mercury. There’s a trail you’re already on and it heads to the future – but it’s going to take a while to feel like a “thing”. One day you’ll look back and think about now. It’s a good thing to remember that you’re only in today, this day ONE TIME. Jump on and ride it. Push it if you need to. Try things out. Saturday night shows you a taste of things to come.

We’re here to make mistakes, to be taken wrong and find a way to fix it. It feels pleasurable, satisfying to understand where your own edges are after a sloppy win or a skillful but misplaced attempt. Things make sense with experience and time. It’s okay if it feels strange first.

Sunday morning, the Moon finishes up its square to Mercury and goes on to square Pluto. The mood is explosive. There’s a focus on self that can get a bit tantrummy. But if you’ve leaned into that give and go that’s been playing all weekend, feisty is fun. And there’s a lot to learn – hands on, tire your self out kind of fun.

The afternoon brings a mood change: a sweet Taurus Moon. A sweet sigh of relief. Relief FEELS good. The Capricorn crunchiness FEELS sensational underfoot. The collective mood falls in line with the prevailing winds of the week. Invest in yourself and your future (as the Moon moves toward Uranus and a sextile to Jupiter): Enjoy what IS.

Do you have any weekend plans?

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