Weekend Love Forecast – Taurus Venus Trine Jupiter And Pluto: BUY ALL THE ICE CREAM!

Ben and Jerry'sFriday night, Venus in Taurus trines Jupiter in Capricorn. These are solid, earthy placements for an abundantly hopeful and values-driven craving for fortune or adventure. SHOW ME THE MONEY. How much can we want? A lot.

With both planets in earth signs, promises won’t be enough. Delivery is necessary, or at least some show of good faith. In Capricorn, that timeline should be solid and not just a hit for the moment. If not, it sours the milk.

Also Friday night, the Taurus Moon moves through a sextile to Neptune and into trine with Jupiter and Pluto. It’s not exact, but the impact is felt. It also moves into conjunction with Venus and into orb of trine to Mars. We need to dream big for the future.

Are you where you want to be? Not at home isolating or out working hard to support family, friends, and society… what I mean is – how is this working for you. This… ::gestures widely:: In addition to Venus’ transits, we have Mars in broad trine to Venus moving through the end of Capricorn. It hits 29 degrees this weekend and churns up the detritus in the wake of Saturn’s recent transit. Saturn sits slightly ahead, moving slowly through the first degree of Aquarius – the sign of broad humanity.

Believe it or not, though it seems an eternity, Mercury is not yet out of its retrograde shadow. It does emerge on Sunday. Til then, we’re still retreading our beliefs and understandings about what’s gone before. Let’s investigate some of those old dreams this weekend too. For many, these latest changes seem surreal. I ask again: Are you where you want to be? We’ve had a chance to re-evaluate, so where has that led you?

It doesn’t matter in the larger scale what your answer is. But it matters a great deal for how you come out of this time period. Don’t waste this foggy opportunity to evaluate what’s going on for you personally and where you want your response to lead. It’s a tine to listen to intuition and take in inspiration. It’s a creative turning point for divine inspiration.

Saturday night, Venus makes its exact trine to Pluto as the Venus ruled Moon trines Mars then changes sign (Gemini) to trine Saturn. Don’t fuck yourself over to grasp at comfort and go back in time to something that felt better. Do yourself a favor by genuinely evaluating what will work best for you in the long run. Whatever circumstances present themselves, you hold the power in your own decision making process, in your own actions. You will be on the hook for your actions, so make them count.

Venus will eventually trine Mars when both have changed sign: Venus to Gemini and Mars to Aquarius. Remember this – “My values drive my behavior.” I have that on a post-it on my desk. Make sure you’re clear on both – your values and your behavior. Make them both purposeful. That’s different from being productive, and frankly it’s more important.

Sunday morning’s Gemini Moon conjoins Chiron and then the Sun. It goes on to square Mercury, ruler of Gemini. With Mercury in Pisces, embrace the uncertainty of the times and let the sublime subtlety wash over and inform. Fine tune what comes in as needed, but don’t get too bent out of shape over a passing feeling. It’s just a feeling. Let it inform you and jog on. The impression that lasts will be the helpful bit.

Learn and teach. Do what you can with what you have.

What are your weekend plans… no really, I want to know. I’m playing video games and repotting my orchids. I’m watching Buffy, Good Karma Hotel, and Agatha Raisin. I can highly recommend Picard and Discovery. Also, I have every form of ice cream known to mankind.



Weekend Love Forecast – Taurus Venus Trine Jupiter And Pluto: BUY ALL THE ICE CREAM! — 17 Comments

  1. Eating my third HOMEMADE, SENT across the COUNTRY, picked up by our NEW YOUNG DELIVERY GUY, chunky chocolate chip cookie. Pete’s wiping down packages and iphones (repaired and a backup) from across the ocean. Treats and staples came a long way, and in NEW ways to get us fed and loved!!! It’s a new groove being laid down and you said it sista, “My values drive my actions.” After I’m through being wiped out, I’m gonna be glad it’s still possible to love new while old. xo

  2. We’ll be eating, a lot! And I will be continuing to learn how to play my acoustic guitar.

    I have been looking for a TV show to settle in with, but I haven’t quite found the right mix of interesting, but not-too-scary-or-serious. The last thing I want is a Breaking-Bad-type show with too much cynicism. I’m seeing enough of it on Twitter and in the news, thanks!

    I’m ready for fundamental change. My packed 8th house solar return told me I was in for a wildly transformative year. I didn’t realize that everyone else in the world was coming along with me, too.

  3. Oh my GOD the synchronicity. I literally bought three pints of ice cream to be delivered to my home just before reading this. Glad I did the right thing. XD

    This weekend I’m planning to go on long hikes away from the city where it will be easier to keep distance from people, since I’m still allowed to spend time outside and…I kinda need it.

  4. ‘Don’t fuck yourself over to grasp at comfort and go back in time to something that felt better. Do yourself a favor by genuinely evaluating what will work best for you in the long run.’

    This has been the philosophy of the whole 12th house Pluto transit. But, I’m just not sure. What my values are, who I am, the things I’m stubbornly clinging to. I am still not ‘me.’ I still haven’t achieved or tried almost anything. I still feel good with what I’ve got going. Even if there’s almost no money and I’m anxious (sun Neptune transit in the 2nd.) I’m stubborn, but also I am not doing the things to grow. Not all of them, only a few. I’ve been procrastinating ferociously and some say it’s out of laziness, but I feel the fear. These are the things I’ve wanted to do and theyre big and scary. I have a sun square Neptune transit and am doubting everything.

    This weekend I want to do some things and check in with my intentions and do some of them. I really want to go out somewhere. Also to clean and do some stuff like that.

    People are already going buckwild and not social distancing at all. It’s so hard and frustrating to try to get them to give me some space.

  5. I value my freedom, I value other people, I value creativity. That’s something, isn’t it? Almost in opposition to what my family says. Quite a pose to take at 34. Quite risible. I am kind of a joke. But I haven’t known freedom in a while.

  6. I’ll be working for a few hours tomorrow, then head home for the rest of the weekend. I had wanted to wash my car tomorrow, but we’re now on a sort of lockdown here. I may just detail and disinfect the interior at home. No crime in being outside. In fact, I plan to spend some time outside because the fumes of all the Lysol I’ve been spraying on my stuff every day is making me feel a bit “ick”.

  7. My mother is dying of stage four liver cancer, and I spoke with her on the phone the day before yesterday. She kept saying how good the pistachio ice cream was that my brother from San Francisco brought her. She exclaimed that she had never had Ben & Jerry’s before

  8. Tuesday is a fertile moon to plant
    Getting spots ready ,I am so planting my own potatoes and lots of pole beans just planning to tack a string up as many spots as possible last fertile moon put in almost a pound of echinacea !!onions here we go! And
    Got my Jalapeño pepper seeds and tiny Siberian watermelon seeds
    And going to town now to do my old person ice cream shop!!going to rake all day 🙂
    So ready for spring ,mind you there was ice this week
    But I bet this is the year of super food
    Kisses all p .s .yes stuff here strange
    But what ya gonna do?

  9. “Don’t fuck yourself over to grasp at comfort and go back in time to something that felt better.”

    And the jaw drops and hits the floor…

    Timely golden nugget of advice.

  10. I cant believe that during this pandemic, we actually have more food than ever ! School districts gave each stuck at home student so much food we are literally swamped with juices, milk, muffins, yogurt, snack pretzels, cereal. No ice cream, lol, but I could open up a daycare, lol
    Im thankful to live in such a generous country

  11. Out of the blue last Thursday, the day before this post, while glancing through the most absolutely boring analog (yep) cable TV listings, I tuned into the season finale of Picard, after not having watched anything Star Trek related for a good two years, with the wonderful exception of The Mandalorian. S.T.Picard turned out to be a little nostalgic but timely relevant (although a bit sappy) with warnings and karma to heed. (Sidenote: CGIs are a bit sub-pro, imo, but what the heck; it’s a distraction, right.) Then I read through its episodes 7 & 8 which had to do with its android and synthetics population and everyone’s continuing fight against the bad guy Romulans as well as others hoping to retrain others thought processes, while showing how lying and differences are impacting them all as they strive to survive but remain true to their own nature. Yah. (The way Kaypacha says it!) Binged through Buffy decades ago; great for laughs. Can’t do the Good Karma Hospital. I get the karma but medical anything has always been my worst nightmare and now it has arrived. Like so many astrologers have been saying for a while now, prepare to have to deal with your absolute worst nightmare without losing your mind, while remaining positive, upbeat, and totally grounded. I live in a small rural town with a pop. less than 3,000, where the majority are seniors. CoV-19 (a.k.a SARS CoV-2) has already tested positive in one of our seniors’ homes with its first death a few days ago. One of our town doctors and 20 other seniors’ home residents are currently in quarantine. We also have another seniors’ residence close by. Both are within walking distance of everywhere that our town’s residents shop and do their daily errands. Our early Snowbirds have just begun to return from Florida and the majority of them still are not heeding the advice that they are not to go out in public until after they’ve self-quarantined for 14 days. Border patrol workers are mentioning this to all temporarily still allowed entry, and now our grocery stores, etc., are stopping and questioning everyone and turning quite a few people away. Just saying, I’m all for healthy distractions that improves our and others’ morale; however, eyes wide open cause this sh*t is real, folks. Can you guess that not only do I have natal stelliums (includes 20 asteroids) in Aquarius, Pisces, Cap and Libra, and an MC in Aquarius, NN in Cap, and a Scorpio Saturn, of course, but also my “always fun” natal Sun is opp Pluto. — Wishing wellness, positive steadfastness and continued warm online friendships to all, and helping others as often as we can. A lot will be changing. As it has many times before. Be true to who you wish yourself to be. Enjoy your healthy distractions and carefully observe the 1%.

  12. Update: Didn’t check my e-mail late last night. Nine have now died and 34 are currently infected in one of our seniors’ nursing homes with the majority of their staff having walked out en masse as has been happening in many other areas and industries. Our small rural town now has the distinction of having the worst outbreak of this virus in all of our country. It’s being transmitted through contact with those who have travelled from high outbreak areas, from other countries, and wherever groups of travellers have gathered (and includes airports, airplanes, trains, buses, immigration centres, waiting rooms, doctor’s offices, hospitals, etc., etc.) and can take up to three weeks before symptoms appear and is devastating to the elderly and others with weak immune systems. Our hospitals will no longer be admitting those who have tested positive. They’ve all been advised to remain wherever they are no matter what. Jupiter & Pluto @ 24º Cap quincunx Moon currently @ 24º Gemini, with Mars & Saturn @ 0º Aquarius. Not sure what to make of Ceres & Bacchus @ 22º Aquarius. We shall see from this moment on, won’t we. Even if wearing gloves and face masks, this virus can survive on the surface of your hair, clothing, or footwear anywhere from 3 hours to 4 days if touched and spread by anyone not wearing protection. So, no congregating. Set a safe and good example for others. Continue to display your kindness and humanity. Might take another ten months before things return to near normal. Blessings to all.

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