Weekend Love Forecast – Taurus Moon Mirage/Miracle

two faceThe Moon spends the whole weekend in Taurus, with Taurus-ruler Venus freshly immersed in Pisces. Venus in active square to Mars lends fuzzy friction to what would otherwise have been a free-wheeling trine from the Aquarius Sun.

That airy trine is outwardly focused and tuned to the senses. New and titillating trails are promised, and multiple paths are at a premium. And yet – there’s fog. It’s a lovely fog, but still fog. Maybe mud. Maybe distraction with illness, headache, shinies, or fairies. You don’t have proper shoes?

It’s unlikely to be terrifically daunting, more a diversion that sucks up your minutes/hours/days. Mercury in Capricorn is set for such circumstances with a trine to Uranus in Taurus. The perfect fix is easy to figure (if not simple to procure). At the very least, that fix should be interesting and pleasurable.

Friday night, the Taurus Moon sextiles Venus in Pisces, a delightful sidequest(ion) of sweet indulgence. So much YUM makes the lack of movement delicious. Lotus eaters? Don’t stay so long that you grow moss.

On Saturday night, the Moon trines Mercury and conjoins Uranus. Something novel is what satisfies. The planning itself is extra fun. Add that Sun-Mars influence and it’s a perfect night for breezy games.

Sunday brings the Taurus Moon into sextile with Neptune and square to Saturn. Have you considered that slowing down to appreciate the present moment allows the future to catch up behind the scenes? Backstage in the universe. By nighttime, the Moon trines Pluto, and the ultimate satisfaction comes from letting go of what isn’t working: burning off the dross and embracing what tickles your toes.

I’m sick, my head hurts; and still I feel good about the weekend. Embrace what works. “The perfect is the enemy of the good.”


Weekend Love Forecast – Taurus Moon Mirage/Miracle — 8 Comments

  1. This, all of this ❀️
    And β€œthe perfect is the enemy of the good.”? EXACTLY what I needed to read this morning as I awoke beating myself up for something that is already in the past.
    Thank you, Satori πŸ™πŸ½πŸ’–

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