Weekend Love Forecast – Take It Breezy

blue skyFriday afternoon the Scorpio Sun sextiles Pluto then heads into trine with Jupiter, exact Sunday night. That sextile presents the opportunity to set a vaulting point, bend deep and catapult out of the mire, Pluto to Jupiter. It supercharges our emergence from the depths, touching base with the fiery coals of genuine self.

Friday night’s end of Virgo Moon trines Pluto, sextiles the Sun, and opposes Jupiter. The mood is practical, methodical, and creates the perfect counterbalance to unrestrained, unrefined rocket fuel. If we’re doing this, let’s do it correctly and make it last.

Ego juice propels us through the weekend, an end of Scorpio, juicy treat. Be as you are; it’s more than enough. Venus and Mercury in Jupiter-ruled Sagittarius move toward exact conjunction. What better time to court MORE, more like-minded connections, smarter, more pleasurable. Let your lights shine, be you. Be a beacon.

Saturday morning, retro Mars perfects its re-square to Neptune and confusion over what to do, what’s been done, and the fog surrounding how to go about “it”… recedes. This is particularly so as Mars moves back into trine with Saturn. There’s support for planning your next moves, or for figuring out what’s done and may warrant redoing.

Saturday night the Libra Moon moves past sextile to Mercury and Venus, leaving a sweet taste in mouth and mind. It’s not just pleasant, it’s a chance to revel in a cardinal mood and actively plan and seek more DELIGHTS.

Sunday morning the Libra Moon concludes an opposition to Chiron, with Mercury and Venus in longer term applying trine to Chiron. This is an excellent time to whip up some schemes for love. Small fixes for interpersonal woes hit just right and return grand results. The Moon then trines Saturn and Mars, an airy grand trine to lightly turn the wheel that puts us right in the path of our wildest dreams.

With Mars heading out of the fog, the Moon quincunxes Neptune. If you don’t fight reality, didn’t in this case, you may get a chance to see what came together for you behind the scenes. It helps to accept that sometimes things work out just right when fate takes its course unaltered. It just takes time. For everything there is a season and all that.

In any case, it’s an active mood now. A smart and calculated affect/effect. Take it breezy, even if it feels serious. If if feels breezy, act with solid precision and gravity. Balance. It’s a lovely chance to glide.

Do you have any weekend plans?


Weekend Love Forecast – Take It Breezy — 1 Comment

  1. I didn’t even read the forecast to the end, before I felt it was like one big “YEP!!!”

    My god, you’re spot on, Satori.
    It really described the way or mood me and boyfriend are going through in a particular area of our relationship in this weekend. Things which have been a big issue during the Mars pre shadow and beyond, up to this weekend. It gave us a way to move forward, into new or updated territory, with a new understanding of each other’s differences and new reality.

    Thanks for your report, astrology can’t make this up. Its timing is impeccable as always !

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