Weekend Love Forecast – Syncing UP With The Divine

boatsWelcome to Gemini season! We now have Sun, north node (important for determining eclipse season), Venus, and Mercury in the sign. This year, we have the key feature of Saturn in Aquarius trining each placement as they progress. That adds ease through stability and the ability to build and troubleshoot systems and social networks.

All weekend, we have Venus and Mercury in square to Neptune with Mercury’s aspect exact Saturday night. Mars in Cancer continues on in trine to Neptune, water to water – flow in action – divine intervention in leading the horse to water and enticing it to drink. Venus and Mercury in square are the wild cards, the kink in the hose for desire, attitude, experience, and understanding.

There are air bubbles in the flow, spitting and hissing. Sometimes you go tap on that hose and they clear. It brings your attention to just the right spot so you can vet and influence whatever process you’re working.

It’s a time to have awkward conversations that just need to happen in order to sync back up to the speed of life. OR, sift through multiple streams of data or sensory input to find just the right combinations for YOU. Or both of you… or find some options to try in succession. Plans, multiple and inspired. Call on your muse. We’re building something beautiful and pleasurable and interesting. Ultimately we’re building something revolutionary and innovative.

Friday night, the Moon tours the end of Virgo, earthy, practical, and sensual. The Moon holds a trine to Pluto as the Sun holds a square to Jupiter (both past exact). The collective mood is intense and tactile. Circumstances create friction which draws an emotional response as the Moon hits Libra: a quincunx to Jupiter and a trine to the Sun.

Calculating is the word that springs to mind. But also brilliant and driven to excellence. We’re after some pleasure, so why not use all the game we can? It’s a thing of beauty.

Saturday night, this drive continues. Don’t forget the Venus and Mercury squares and consider what you hear and all that glitters… consider it twice. Is it gold or is it an illusion?

The Libra Moon opposes Chiron and quincunxes Uranus. It trines Saturn and Venus then squares Mars. Whether or not this is your first rodeo, it’s a good idea to make the most of your experience. If you haven’t much experience, now’s the time. Results will correlate to your ability to use your mistakes to your advantage. You can be humble and still beautiful, flawed and all the more attractive for it. The measure of desirability is a function of who’s doing the desiring.

Take your shot, then see where it goes and try again. There really is someone for everyone, multiple someones. Do it your way, so that what’s unique about you shows, shines. Be genuine and the best you that fits the moment. The best you will always be a reflection of all of you. Action is broadcasting on a higher level. Have faith.

Sunday morning the Libra Moon trines Mercury then goes on to square Pluto in the afternoon. It’s a lovely time for socializing. While the timing may be a bit off, the shine is bright enough to compensate for any wobble. Even a few (or multiple) awkward missteps can be charming and fun. Power through any bobbles, but do it with a light and breezy tone. It’s okay to not be perfect! People are ravenous for something pleasant, and that’s easy enough to provide when you cut yourself some slack.

Don’t be pleasant just to please someone. Be pleasant to have a nice time. Having a nice time should be the goal. You’re the best you when pleasing yourself pleases others.

Nighttime brings the Moon into Scorpio and a trine to Jupiter. Slip into that flow we’re going with. There’s a burst of emotional energy to access and it’s delightful and deep. Stretch out and reach for connection. When you put in the effort, what you’re reaching for reaches back. Float. And enjoy it.

What are your weekend plans?



Weekend Love Forecast – Syncing UP With The Divine — 2 Comments

  1. This is all spot on Satori, right down to ‘take your shot…’I’m literally shooting a camera sequence and going through all the pains that go with doing something really technical for a creative outcome! I’m also talking to people globally it’s fascinating and tiring. Thankyou for the insights 😀

  2. Thank the Stars!! Finally,.you are here. I’m so excited I can’t stand it. This is exactly what I have been waiting for. I will be here most of my phone time. Again, Thank you for your intellect, backbone,and heart to get this up and running. Best Regards, and many Blessings ahead. Lynn Haynes.

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