Weekend Love Forecast – Sweet Dreams Of Big Love

libraFriday night, the post-new Moon in Libra opposes retrograde Mars and squares Jupiter, Pluto, and Saturn – a dynamic t-square. That’s a fresh start with our old baggage.

With Venus in Virgo tied to this new moon, we can get picky about how much of that attitude we want to take on right now. What stays and what goes as we fully inhabit a mood to make things work even at their most challenging.

Venus heads into opposition with Neptune and trine to Jupiter. We want more and we’re willing to work for it over time. One step in the right direction that’s available now is to dream up what that might mean. Things are never so challenged or mundane that we can’t summon a better world in our imagination. Imagination is a step in the process of gaining something REAL. Jupiter brings excitement to the subject.

Saturday night, the Moon in Scorpio conjoins Juno and retrograde Mercury. All three oppose Uranus in Taurus. While the Moon sweeps through the opposition, Juno follows overnight. Mercury heads back into exact opposition on Monday. The upshot is a mood to assimilate a rebalancing of formerly settled matters in intimacy and partnership.

An entrenched attitude is on the line. There’s a payoff to addressing it.

If you hear (or see or sense or…) something unexpected, keep digging. Get to the root of the matter. You need to know.

Sunday morning, the Scorpio Moon sextiles Venus in Virgo. It also sextiles Jupiter in Capricorn, then Pluto and Saturn. In the morning, the Moon Venus sextile points a yod at retrograde Mars as Mars slides closer into square with Jupiter (exact overnight into Monday). Is there something to rearrange? New information can point us into the service of putting something right, not just for ourselves but for something greater.

Don’t push to the point of spinning out, but push to that edge of pleasure/pain. Venus is also within reach of trine to Pluto.

The Sun perfects its square to Saturn. We’re getting to the challenge of sorting out the immediate stretch of the road ahead. Whatever we’re up against, the way out is through. There’s no reason we can’t put a good face on it! Attitude is everything, and doing the right thing is an investment.

Venus makes its exact opposition to Neptune and forms a beneficial support to the exact Mars-Jupiter square. When we want better, we do better. When we want more, we find a way around. Sometimes that happens by cleaning up our thinking around what it is that we want. Before we clean up our thinking, we’ve got to go all the way to the bottom of the well and bring up what we find there.

So this weekend, commit to diving deep and bringing up something of value… something that sparks the imagination for a better way to serve and prosper. Experiment!

What are your weekend plans?



Weekend Love Forecast – Sweet Dreams Of Big Love — 2 Comments

  1. I really enjoy your Weekend Updates. It has become a must read. There is always something in it for me.

    I am loving the dream. Now I just need to get to living it. Am also getting some insight into my next intersection with ‘out there.’ Like outside my yarden of eden.

    And yes, I awoke this a.m. and after the week’s interactions with the ‘other thing’ that is not part of the dream, the thing that has to go, I did a confrontational kind of email to the powers that be. There is no pleasure in that, just a pain point. And there it is. It is off my plate and perhaps that’s the pleasure part.

  2. ” Before we clean up our thinking, we’ve got to go all the way to the bottom of the well and bring up what we find there.” Been doing just that … and it’s a long, long way down the well. Thanks to songwriters and my almost too-much tragic fairy tale life, I’m awake at midnight and the lyrics from “In spite of ourselves” has led me to the bottom of that well.

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