Weekend Love Forecast – Support For The Truth, And Shakespeare In The Park

nemThe weekend commences with Sagittarius Moon conjunct Jupiter and trine Venus and the Sun in Leo. What could be better! It’s an upbeat mood ripe with sweet drama and summertime desire.

The Leo Sun moves through the midpoint of Saturn and Neptune – a midsummer night’s dream blending of fairy magic and harsh reality. The Moon squares Neptune. Friday night is Shakespeare in the park. There are ups and downs, but all’s well that ends well.

All weekend we have the undercurrent of two major players shifting direction. Jupiter will go direct, then Uranus turns retrograde – both Sunday. In between, Mercury moves to Leo. Mercury in Cancer is quite internal much of the time. Once in Leo, the senses and booming mouth strut onstage, aided (miked) by the Sun’s trine to Jupiter.

Until Sunday, many seem considerate or tempered in their communications – or they look like they’re containing a storm. Sunday brings a roar. Roars are awesome and deliver straightforward thoughts and pronouncements; they have that going for them.

Mercury in Leo trines Chiron and squares Uranus (stationing retrograde). A shock can be unnerving, but that trine facilitates a hero-worthy outcome in attitude, understanding, and communion. Think – less control and more truth, your truth. The brakes may come off and they should. It’s a supportive sky for the truth.

There’s plenty of weekend in play before that dawns. Saturday, Mercury hits 29 degrees of Cancer and there’s still some heartfelt musings to consider. The late Sadge Moon quincunxes Mercury, supportive but enough off kilter to promote sharing and engagement. Whether or not we feel like talking, that may happen. Talking doesn’t always mean having a listener. You can get that stuff out and on blast alone if necessary. Sometimes it helps to literally hear yourself. That’s a big part of what therapy is about, and this is a great time for a breakthrough. If you’ve got a convo partner (or group), even better.

By the end of the night, the Moon moves to Capricorn: substance, a mood of closure and grounding.

Saturday night, the Sun quincunxes Neptune exact. Venus makes its exact quincunx on Sunday. Hang loose without bringing down the hammer and you could find yourself transforming your life. Just let the fog clear on its own and structure may purposefully drift into place. Don’t control.

Sunday morning the Cap Moon squares Chiron and trines Uranus. Jupiter direct plugs in the bullhorn as Mercury hits Leo. The mood is sedate and slightly (by nature) butthurt. But it’s primed to turn that around and find the electric jolt of positive change. Just in time to roar!

Mars is in Leo, running with Juno. Sexy times abound and action is sunny. So get on out there with your bad self. Dance! Sing! Play!

What are your weekend plans?

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Weekend Love Forecast – Support For The Truth, And Shakespeare In The Park — 11 Comments

  1. We’ve got horses in the campground this weekend; readjustment to make and my natal Mars is conjunction that transiting bad boy; how could I not roar, right! Did some defragmentation w a girlfriend & a phone call with my Libra son … so this old Lionness might be able to hang loose.
    Yay Em

  2. My husband and I spent a little time after dinner on our deck. It was quiet except for birds. The air was soft, just like you imagine the perfect summer evening. The flowers are all peak. You just want to package it for a future time, and knowing you can’t, you try to absorb it into every cell of yourself.

  3. “Until Sunday, many seem considerate or tempered in their communications – or they look like they’re containing a storm.”

    I am certainly containing a storm… let’s see if I can make it successfully through this weekend, because if I roar, I am gonna be heard from miles and miles away…

    Thanks for the heads up, Satori… You are always a soothing and grounding influence.. I appreciate that a lot… Thank you so much..

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