Weekend Love Forecast – Sunny Winter Leo Moon FUN!

persephone and hadesThis is the last weekend that Venus and Mars share time in Aquarius. Socializing and group activities are a great use of this tuned in but chill agreement. There’s a zap of physical oomph right when you need it or when least expected, and surprises are engaging and pleasurable with Venus involved. If there’s something you know you want to try, do it now! Jump up and go when the urge strikes! Experiment.

Venus moves toward trine with Jupiter in Libra and big love is building – appreciation for many or a lot of love for a few.

Mercury in Capricorn slowly inches up on Pluto, a conjunction it won’t close until after its retrograde period (which starts Monday). Communications may be slow or you may have to work at it – BUT… they will be powerful and have weight. Attitudes are shifting and changing.

Friday night the Leo Moon opposes Venus. This is a friendly but romantic give and take. It’s sweet, creative, and possibly noisy. This is a great time to notice if you balance. Is someone too full of trouble and neeeeeds? Is someone too distant and constantly creating space you have to cross? Or is it a perfect dance. The Moon sextiles Jupiter as Venus moves into trine. Things are either pushed into place or pushed off the road into the ditch.

In any case, if you’re up for an unusual good time and whatever comes down the pipe, keep your sunny side up and you’ll have a ball!

Saturday that same Leo Moon moves into trine with Saturn and trine with Uranus: a grand trine in fire signs. Expect similar conditions but for the drama quotient to inch up and get punchy. There’s stability available, a chance to shoot from the hip and play, but a small minority will overshoot the mark and wind up singing in the back of a cab or cop car. Still… that’s entertainment! The show must go on!

Late Saturday the Moon moves into trine with the Sun and an opposition to Mars. It’s lovely and life-affirming and fun. It’s full of fiery passion and precise follow through. Don’t just tell someone how you feel, show them. Don’t make it too serious, make it playful! Don’t wait so long that they fall asleep or wander off. Make your move. And if you’re not feeling it? Jet out.

Sunday morning the opposition with Mars holds until the Moon moves into Virgo. And that point, you may have missed your chance… because Mars is going to get up, make the bed, and cook you breakfast. Do you want satisfied eggs or angry, judgemental eggs? Choose well my friend. Satisfied Virgo Moon can carry that Saturday night payoff well into Sunday evening.

How do you like Leo Moon nights? Are they playtime fun or too full of drama for you? Where is the Leo in your chart?

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Weekend Love Forecast – Sunny Winter Leo Moon FUN! — 5 Comments

  1. I’m a Sagittarius Sun/Leo Moon so I’m very excited for both the transiting Sun and the transiting Moon being in these two signs! I have always loved Leo Moon energy, it makes me feel energetic, playful, and confident. ? My Moon is in the 1st house and I feel its returns intensely, kind of like a monthly rebirth. ?

  2. I’m going out with girls tonight with Moon and Jupiter in my 5th house at 1 degree Leo. Ought to be fun! 🙂 Even though I’m tired beyond belief.

  3. I think it’s your daughter in these pictures sometimes? She’s really beautiful and I love the little scenes she enacts. I can see Leo!

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