Weekend Love Forecast – Soul Clutching Desire

one pearl earringFriday night, the Aquarius Moon sextiles Chiron and Mars in Aries and goes on to square Aquarius-ruler Uranus. It could be one of those times when you wind up looking like a hero because it just happened to be YOUR time to shine… like you’re the one who knows how to make jet fuel from a straw and the contents of your glove box, or fold a fitted sheet.

The anxiety is there and drives the action, but it puts you ON POINT. Is it anxiety or is it emotional JUICE? A lot of that depends on you and YOUR mind. So Mercury moves in sextile to Jupiter all weekend, and there’s a greater chance you can frame it as JUICE. Give it a shot.

The Sun quincunxes Pluto, Friday through Sunday morning; so plenty of people are hopped up on the drive to make themselves feel better – about themselves. For some this means they’ll finally give themselves credit for powers they’ve earned and push past imposter’s syndrome. For others it can be a path to blame, to projecting.

When something doesn’t work and you know you’re doing your part, consider that you may have a difference of perspective, of culture, rather than deciding one is right and one is wrong. Deep down, you’ll feel the shame of that, whether you’re aware of your projection (not likely) or not.

SO! If an insight makes you feel lousy, flip it. Could the opposite be true? Can you split the difference somehow to make it balance?

Venus moves into trine with Pluto all weekend long too. So grab on to that Mercury-Jupiter juice in perspective to see past any Sun-Pluto narcissism or toxic takes and cherry-pick a personal benefit through persistence. There’s a sweet-bitter-sweet, toe-curling candy center in there somewhere. Hold out for the good in it all. Everyone can come out with a prize in some form or other. Find the way that they do.

Something we want deeply, for oh so long: It wants us too. Make sure it meets your NEEDS as well as your desires.

Venus perfects a square to Saturn on Saturday afternoon and a sextile to Neptune that night. We’ve got a chance to shape reality, but only because hard work has already been done. Do the right thing; for once we definitely know what that is.

Saturday’s Moon moves from a trine to the Sun from late Aquarius, into square with Mercury from Pisces, exact overnight. Both moods draw in a “the good of ALL” motive and attitude: the first light and breezy – open, the second marred a bit by the disparity between reality and the ideal. Keep that breezy bit in your pocket for later. Tell yourself that nothing’s perfect, but it all comes out in the wash.

On Sunday, the Pisces Moon mood carries on in that flow – one way or the other until interrupted. By afternoon it picks up a sextile to Uranus, exact by evening. Shake off the damp and the sads! Find a new groove to saturate with a better grade of lubricant. It’s much easier to remember that you don’t believe in all that self-flagellation. We’re here for a good time, not for a long time!

Do you have any weekend plans?

Thank you SO MUCH for your comments, your kindness and insights. I read and appreciate them all. I’ve been in a Pisces place, so I thought I’d make that clear. xxoo

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