Weekend Love Forecast – Sorting Out the Active Feels, Taking Control

emmaFriday evening, the Aries Moon heads into square with Pluto and sextile to the Gemini Sun. Both aspects are exact Saturday morning, but the effect is most potent as it’s applying. The mood, active and finding interest in social contact, interjects itself into the Sun-Pluto quincunx.

This particular aspect of Sun to Pluto is a rough one. In an opposition, one person may take one side while another takes the other. The quincunx can have a similar effect, but one side has one person and the other may be collective. You may find yourself at odds with someone and have support, or you may find yourself completely alone against someone else who has support. And it can shift. It can be a bit demoralizing for someone in the situation.

When you have the Sun in Gemini supported by the Moon in Aries, you have a mood to rush in and act. Whoever winds up on the Pluto end can feel shamed, abandoned, angry. Or destructive. There’s no feeling of connection, and connection is what heals.

If you’re feeling tweaked, it’s probably best to hold your horses till things settle. Aquarius Mars having just passed the south node is not particularly adept at creating and sustaining personal connection. There’s a lack of warmth. A well-meaning attempt may not be taken as you intend. Be sure your hug or pat is wanted touch. Do express your feelings of connection. Express thoughts and feelings that don’t have deep gravity. Keep it lighter and activity oriented if possible. Shoot for cheerful but receptive. Active listening is ideal. Fake it if you have to – it gets easier as you practice.

Saturday the Moon moves into sextile with Mercury in Gemini. Make plans rather than hash out slurpy emotions. Express the feeling of connection, but don’t get bogged down in judgement and othering. Talk about what you want to do. Good moods can be contagious. Chirpy and chipper is a good attitude to adopt – but keep it light and move on quickly.

Saturday afternoon and evening the Aries Moon squares Venus in Cancer. Be aware of the undercurrents of the hard-edged feels. Adjust when you get pushback. People don’t always want their sensitivities openly acknowledged. Feel your way into that one. Sometimes they just want to process alone, or they want the distraction. You can always ask, but again – keep it light.

Later Saturday, the Moon moves to Taurus, more in tune with Cancer Venus. They relate well. They have mutual reception. Venus rules Taurus and the Moon rules Cancer. Everything slows up a bit. There’s more flow between need and desire. It feels richer, smoother.

The Taurus Moon moves over Uranus and into square with Mars overnight. Don’t let have-to’s drag you down or make you anxious. Take your time. Someone else’s poor planning is not your emergency. Decide if it works for you. It’s okay to take your time to do that.

Sunday the Taurus Moon also trines Saturn. Take all the time you need. It’s supported. Remember that everything works out over time.

By the end of the day, the Moon moves into opposition with retrograde Jupiter in Scorpio. Don’t get pushed into accepting more than you feel you can handle. Generosity should come from a place of you giving, not someone else demanding or taking… or insisting you accept what they want to give. Don’t be pushed or rushed. You’ll know if it feels right.

What are your weekend plans?

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