Weekend Love Forecast – SHOCKING FUN!

boy heliosFriday afternoon, the Sun moves from Cancer to Leo, Moon rule to Sun rule. The change in the collective is night and day. HAHAHAHAHAHA!

Friday night, the Taurus Moon trines Pluto. DELICIOUS. Deep and dark delish. Shiver up your spine, moaning chocolate cake (or?) delightful. Oh no, I really shouldn’t… but you do.

All weekend, Venus in Cancer squares Jupiter (exact Sunday midday) and desire is provoked. We want so much. It feels like it should be simple, but it is not. There may be a frustrating circumstance, but it also piques the appetite. Appetite creates motivation for drama and drama can be fun. At the very least, we get a more nuanced understanding of our desires, where they come from, and what they mean to our current situation.

Saturday night, the Mercury-ruled Gemini Moon sextiles Jupiter and Mercury as Mercury trines Jupiter (exact Saturday afternoon). Where is Mercury? Mercury is in sunny, funny, creative LEO! The jokes are light and frothy. They’re funny cos they feel good, not necessarily cos they ARE good.

But this is when everyone’s good humor is stroked and stoked. ENJOY!

The mood lights A FIRE… in the senses, in the mind, in the back and forth between people. And it’s a raging fire, in a good way. If you’re into people, now’s the time to take a chance to communicate. If you’re not into people, now’s your time to launch into study, into clever info gathering and paradigm building or hanging out alongside the action, observing.

Leo brings a picnic. It bounds onto a stage and invites all the players. The Gemini mood whips the arena with a curious mood and the need to know, and tell! Drama of the best sort ensues. You can sit in the audience or jump on stage and participate. Mars in Taurus approaching Uranus favors either. Decide based on the whim of the moment.

Mercury heads toward square with Mars, so why not one then the other? Feel free to quickly change your mind and your direction.

There’s no telling what people will do – it’s a unique influence. But Mars and Uranus near the north node tend to draw us toward our higher good.

Sunday morning, the Gemini Moon sextiles Chiron. Hands on learning is the thing. Sometimes that means more than one thing. Mistakes are also learning, but today those mistakes put you ahead of the game. Someone ordered too much ice cream? What a tragedy, but I think I can help you out.

Whatever we’ve been investigating, we get a chance to noodle around and make it work. An engaged attitude goes a long way, but don’t get bogged down. Move on to something that works so you don’t lose momentum and steam.

Later, the Moon trines Saturn and heads into square with Neptune (exact overnight). Once you’ve got enough plates spinning, it’s easier to keep them going. Use the momentum you’ve built as proof that you’re on track. It’s okay to slow down and appreciate what you’ve done. Don’t lose sight of your inherent value which has nothing to do with “productivity”.

Do you have any weekend plans?

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Weekend Love Forecast – SHOCKING FUN! — 8 Comments

  1. I know it’s only Thursday (I’m not THAT confused… at the moment), but things looked so lovely I figured I’d go ahead and post it early. xxoo

  2. Oh Sartori ,you are truly a poet!!!
    I absolutely lurrve the way you write.
    It’s so fluid ,and so poetic.
    And yes I feel excited.
    I did the unthinkable and made contact.

    I hope the fire’s burning brightly.
    I have plans and home projects lined up
    But strangely a skip in my step ,a sparkle in my eye,and a sigh in my heart.
    I m hopeful,and optimistic.
    I m banking on the Mars North Node moving for the highest good.
    My pendulum. Nostradamus agrees.
    So I m riding on the goods train…

  3. Love this! It’s already turning into a fun weekend because the state fair is here in CA after being gone for 3 yrs. Lots of laughs with family. It’s the fun of nostalgia for us too – everything’s the same as it was before the 2020 rubbish

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