Weekend Love Forecast – Sexual Undertones Run Deep, Mars-Saturn Rumbles On

fruit and vegSince Uranus moved into Taurus it acquired an energetic relationship with Venus in Aquarius: mutual reception, each in the sign the other rules. They are in orb of a waxing square that never was, as Venus is out ahead. Uranus moves more slowly than Venus, so it won’t catch up.

Taurus is earthy, and Aquarius is airy. Venus is more attuned to air than Uranus is to earth, but Uranus holds its own anywhere. This energy flavors what we desire, and the square brings challenge till Venus moves on. We are shifting our expectations under a new Uranian model. It’s no big… particularly as Mars in Taurus forms a trine to Saturn. We keep on moving and we’re getting somewhere.

We are attuning. While that may be a nuisance in the short term (unpredictable), it’s irrelevant to our long term gains. With Pisces Mercury retrograde, this is extra important to remember as we suffer the slings and arrows of humbling SNAFUs.

The challenge pays off in sexual charge though. Attraction loves the weird and off-kilter. Bring us some strange and the element of surprise. Mars comes along behind to bring us to fruition, predictably… with Saturn. Earth will have its way with us, and we shall like it.

Venus continues along in trine to Gemini Juno. Sexual urges have the added benefit of rediscovering some good ideas, put off or forgotten along the way.

Late Friday, the Pisces Sun closes its sextile with Saturn. Go with the flow, because the flow knows where it’s going, even when we are consciously unaware. There’s no rush.

The Sun moves into orb of sextile with Pluto this weekend as well. We slowly rid ourselves of baggage and ballast that no longer serves, day by day. Toss your dross when you see fit.

All weekend, Mercury is moving back into square with Jupiter and conjunction to the Sun. Hijinks! Shenanigans! These things are the spice of life. Take them in stride and they’ll pay off eventually. Mercury is Coyote. Life is never boring with Coyote/Mercury on the prowl, and this weekend is no exception! Life is a mystery; and if it weren’t, it’d be dull. Embrace uncertainty.

Friday night, the Aries Moon trines Jupiter and squares Saturn and Pluto. The Sun’s sextile to Saturn and the Mars-Saturn trine ameliorate the cardinal mood challenges. The trine to Jupiter is delicious. Embrace any tension as fuel for the fire of desire and need… improving the eventual level of satisfaction.

Saturday night, the Aries Moon makes a long run into conjunction with Uranus when the Moon hits Taurus, late. The mood races to the finish, and there’s an explosion of satisfaction for its bother. Delicious.

Sunday morning, the Taurus Moon glides through that conjunction to Uranus, on into and past a square to Venus. It moves into orb of conjunction with Mars and trine to Saturn. This is a great day to get things done. If you don’t feel like it in the short term, push through and you’ll see resistance melt.

And if not, don’t push… find the thing that DOES feel good in the doing. OR, as I like to say: If you must procrastinate, put it off till afternoon.

What are your weekend plans? Where is Taurus Mars gaining ground in your chart?

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