Weekend Love Forecast – Scorpio Venus Sextile Pluto Transformation

Retrograde Mercury is wasting no time getting back into action with transits it has already covered. We just re-squared Pluto, and Mercury spends the weekend heading back into trine with Jupiter (exact Sunday night).

Expect conversations to pick back up and gain speed. It’s a good time to shore up agreements by touching base, circumventing any retro snafus. There’s likely to be a lot of “OHHhhh, so THAT’s what they meant!”

Saturday morning, Venus perfects a sextile to Pluto, in effect Friday through Sunday – but most potent Friday night. With Venus at the end of Scorpio in an aspect of opportunity with Scorpio ruler Pluto, it’s a chance for tasty treats… sexy, taboo, magical, dark, and powerful treats.

It also calls into play the transformational power of our values. It’s an opportunity to suss out the drains on our goodness, flush the dregs, and emerge with strong boundaries. We can also rocket our way out of bad habits or a bad situation.

Friday night, the Leo Moon squares Uranus as the Sun, ruler of Leo, opposes Chiron (exact Sunday) and conjoins Mars (exact next Thursday). As we get a chance to improve with Venus, we’re goosed by the mood to do so. We’re moved to co-create authentically and with integrity. To do otherwise risks damage and hurt feelings. When we act in our truth, we’re able to make use of our life lessons, for our own advantage and for those we love and work with.

There’s a strong will to balance, and those who do so with grace will prosper for it. Being oppositional to gain advantage will backfire badly.

Saturday night, the Leo Moon quincunxes Pluto and squares Venus, sparking up that Venus-Pluto energy. Drama! It’s the push we need to access that deep value. Delicious.

Sunday morning the Moon moves to Mercury-ruled Virgo and the Libra Sun opposes Chiron. By afternoon, the Moon quincunxes Saturn. Mercury closes its trine to Jupiter by evening. A good mood takes some finagling, but it’s definitely there to be had. Keep juggling the data and details, keep on working it; fortune follows care.

The Moon heads into trine with Uranus, exact overnight. Helping others is always a good way to improve your own mood. In this case, it’s likely that plans or ideas are more timely than direct action, but you never know. Lots of communication and sensation are built into this weekend for sure.

What are your weekend plans?



Weekend Love Forecast – Scorpio Venus Sextile Pluto Transformation — 5 Comments

    • Millet! Oh a friend’s husband made the most delish Millet croquettes … love Millet. I’d forgotten how much.
      The Well Bento from a time in my past, a great nudge to cocreate an authentic version of those croquettes.

      • I was surprised to learn than Van Gogh was a Millet fan too. So much so that he emulated Millet, but in his own special way.

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