Weekend Love Forecast – Scorpio Stellium Tangles With The Saturn-Uranus Square

dylanFriday night, the Pisces Moon conjoins retro Jupiter at the end of the sign. Do you feel connected? Is your heart bursting? If so, what is it bursting with? I imagine this could be for good or ill, but a divine connection is the ideal. Where are you connected? Do you feel it?

Then the Moon heads into Marsy, fiery Aries, a mood to act. With Gemini Mars retrograde influencing this Moon, there’s plenty of thought behind that, and more than one way to go. Being selfish isn’t a bad thing. Satisfy your own needs first and you’ll likely find you’ve got plenty more hecks to give.

Friday night, Venus moves into opposition to Uranus (exact Saturday afternoon) and squares Saturn all weekend (exact Sunday night). We’re up against it with the same old, same old again, but it’s always a new twist, isn’t it? Are you acclimated? Are you digging deep to find the glitter under the pile? It might sound shabby to some, but the ability to handle your desires on the fly with a bit of compassion and patience for yourself and others is worth its weight in gold.

Testing trains you up. As Denzel once said: “There is no such thing as tough. There is trained and untrained. Now which are you?”

Mars heads back into square with Neptune, so we may not know yet exactly how things are going; but keep going.

Mercury moves up into conjunction with the Sun and both follow Venus into aspect with the Saturn-Uranus square. We’re training up. Are plans are evolving. What are you after? Where do you hope it will take you? What’s the plan to get there? All these aspects are triggered from Scorpio: Engage with the building blocks of a phoenix-like rise from this tumult.

Saturday night, the Aries Moon conjoins Chiron and goes on to sextile Saturn overnight. That’s a “train up” double whammy if I ever saw one, so… do it. The emotional stamina is there, and there are so many options with that Gemini Mars on tap. Redo, rethink your actions, do it again and do it better. Learn. Or maybe you do the hardest thing: refrain from action till you’ve got a clear target.

Sunday morning the Aries Moon sextiles Mars then goes on to square Pluto by nighttime. The mood is strong, has plenty of steam. The steam might overwhelm your ability to see the forest for the trees as the day wears on. So be sure to assess your actions frequently. Am I pointed in the direction I need to go? Is this working like I thought it would?

Be humble with your assessments so you can easily pivot if you need to.

The full moon eclipse in Taurus is coming up quickly. This weekend sets the stage. Do you have any weekend plans?


Weekend Love Forecast – Scorpio Stellium Tangles With The Saturn-Uranus Square — 1 Comment

  1. I have certainly felt the Hammer of Thor’s hitting all week from the Scorpio house of mine…

    Also, Mars delays and whatnot. It’s really annoying!
    Too much on the to do list, various pressures from the side of family, chronic illness, Pluto squaring himself and Saturn in transit to natal chart, relationships are being hit, LOTS of pressure to move things forward and being able to.

    Mars in the 5th house giving way for a new stage in my creative hobbies, letting go of all the old bagage, offering new opportunities and ways opening up to new avenues.

    Yes, my Sun, Venus, Mercury and Jupiter have a natal party these days.

    Next weekend I will turn 40… What a time to be having a birthday, huh?
    Happy-f*cking-birthday, girl 😛

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