Weekend Love Forecast – Saturn Trines: Keep Going

Beautiful flowersLate Sunday night, Mercury stations to turn retrograde. There’s no actual turning as it’s just what is visible to us, but Mercury works with perspective. Spend what time you can between now and then initiating plans and tasks for the next three or four weeks, appointments and such. If they’re important. Otherwise, I’d just wing it.

Problems make life interesting, but only if you’ve got the wherewithal to deal with them.

Mars perfects its trine to Saturn Saturday afternoon. The Sun travels along behind in waxing conjunction to Mars. The newly Libran Sun heads into trine with Saturn, exact midweek. Mars, the Sun, and Saturn are all in air – ideas and ideology, the senses, social values and communications, all these affect how we’re doing life this week. Just keep going. Simple and stark. Just keep at it. It should be relatively easy to do so. Think on your feet.

We’ve got another trine brewing: Venus’ trine to Neptune, Scorpio to Pisces. It’s just now ramping up and will include a Venus square to Jupiter. Sweet dreams and accelerated desire… pining and deep appreciation. It also sets a delightfully potent backdrop to love issues. Dripping with wet promises, ideal fantasies of sticky, yummy pleasure. Perhaps more drive than is comfortable, but that’s not the worst.

Friday night, the Venus-ruled Taurus Moon moves from opposition to Venus into sextile with Neptune and square to Jupiter (exact overnight). It’s a hungry mood, seeking connection. NOW. Feed it.

Saturday night, the Moon finishes up in Taurus then heads into airy, Mercury-ruled Gemini. In Gemini, the Moon conjoins the north node and trines Saturn. It also picks up the sweet breeze of a grand air trine with Mars and Saturn. It’s exciting! Invigorating! It slaps. Taken together with the Venus aspects, this looks like a party. But remember, Mercury is set to go Coyote and it’s in the air already. Party tricks!

The grand trine in air perfects early Sunday morning, and the Moon goes on to sextile Chiron in Aries. This weekend is a fascinating whirlwind and it presents us the opportunity to get some of the details whipped ahead of the funny business. In any case, there’s a mood to observe, learn, think, and do. Do it with truth, because why not? The results are best that way anyway! More fun too.

What are your weekend plans?



Weekend Love Forecast – Saturn Trines: Keep Going — 3 Comments

  1. Mercury is tricky. Daring. I am already wiping the snark off me. I do have to think on my feet lest I get sucked in by the Temptress. The snark is thrown at my refusals to self destruct.

    I think I am ready for a fire and a glass of wine this weekend. I bought myself a mandoline slicer and will be attempting zucchini chips this weekend. There is everyday more zucchini yet.

  2. Got a surprising connect with my nephew. A text. (He’s the Pisces, I’m the Scorpio). He’s needing his aunty to write a story for him. A new business is birthing, so it’s that story needs telling How cool is that, said his aunty.
    It’s just the sorta delicious need to satisfy instead of just snark.

    Notch, I wish we still had zukes, they’re already done here. I’m waitin on my rugby sized sphagetti (i cannot spell that word) squash to turn a brown stem.

    • Fall is special. The time of year when I glean what is left of the garden. Like the cabbage plants whose heads I cut off are sprouting mini cabbages. And the broccoli spear s that still appear. The only veggies I need full harvest on yet is the Brussels sprouts. And the tomatillos for salsa verde. And might I add mmmmm spaghetti squash. Didn’t make room for that one this year. Bon appetit!

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