Weekend Love Forecast – Saturn-Pluto, Priorities And Boundaries: CHANGE

venus marsThe weekend is mild, not without its own charms and twists, but mild. This brings a deeper trench to the forefront: the coalescing conjunction of Saturn and Pluto in Capricorn. We’ve been moving toward this for ages, but we’re now in the high stakes end game. This weekend’s mood promotes the ability to focus on bigger picture items.

For one thing, Mercury is past conjunction to Jupiter and on its way to a conjunction with the Capricorn Sun. We had a run on details and communications as well as attitudes and opinions this week. Mercury here has the space to prioritize. There are few genuine emergencies to this type of mind. Cap Mercury-Sun is the dad who says: You should have peed before we left. If you’re lucky, though, they’ll still pull over, because pee. We’ll have a chance to look at things calmly, if we take advantage of this energy. Don’t allow yourself to hold the Mercury-Jupiter momentum and keep spinning. Slow down and prioritize. That’s what this time is for.

Where are you being pushed to create structure in your life? Where are you under pressure to create boundaries to make it run correctly over time? And let’s be real… where have you failed to do so… failed miserably for a very long time? That’s where this is coming home to roost. You should be seeing some openings to take another stab at it, a real, powerful stab. You have the ability to be 100% successful at this time. DON’T WASTE THIS. I say again: Where have you failed at your boundaries? Try again.

Mars in Sagittarius is wound up and ready to act. It perfects its trine to Aries (Mars-ruled) Chiron on Sunday afternoon. What are you waiting for? The thing you’re seeking is always in the last place you look. You stick the landing on the final attempt. Why? Because you keep going till it happens. It takes some people years to complete something others master in a day. What is the common thing? You get it done when you don’t stop trying. You. Don’t. Stop. Don’t stop now; you’re SO close.

You’re failing till you’re succeeding, winning… unless you stop trying. In any other sign, you could see people beating their head against a wall. Not Capricorn. We have a massive stellium in Capricorn. This is smarter trying, substantive perseverance. Don’t break yourself, just keep at it. Meter your attitude and your short term expectations. Pay attention to what your senses tell you and adjust.

Cap Mercury breaks things down into micro-steps. How else could a goat scale a seemingly sheer cliff? You can take advantage of that too. Slow down and see it, but then spring into action and heal it.

Failure is experience. Experience creates mastery over time. Take your reward by staying the course. We have the ability this weekend to recognize distractions and plan around them, like avoiding a hole.

Friday night, the Aries Moon squares Pluto. Feel the jangle of what we’re now calling failure. Soon we’ll call it mastery. Feel it so you can FIND it.

Saturday night, the Taurus Moon moves past a conjunction to Uranus and into a trine with Jupiter. The mood is pleasure seeking and invigorated. It pairs well with the fiery Sadge Mars. It’s a good night to try something new and feel like you’re going overboard, in a good way – even if you’re really being a bit safe. Chiron in trine to Mars adds a bit of a safety net, even if you fall and get dragged a bit. Jump up and dust off and laugh! Every step, every fall, every leap: We’re getting better.

Sunday morning, the Taurus Moon trines Mercury and the Sun. It then goes on to sextile Neptune. All weekend, the Sun is moving closer into sextile with Neptune (exact Tuesday). This is a good time to let your failure into success plans simmer under the surface. It’s good to converse and gain perspective, but for your planning – plan alone. I mean, obvs you’ll share plans eventually, but some things are just for you at this moment. You’re going to find better validation now when you go inward and listen to intuition.

Sunday night, the Moon winds up in square to Taurus ruler Venus (in Aquarius). It’s that jangle of the emotional kerfuffle between “I need this thing!” and “Let it go!” Neither is wrong and neither is fully right. Sit with the jangle and allow it to grind the edges off your greater challenge. Smoother edges are the goal. Jangle is part of the alchemy in surmounting the challenge and creating change.

What are your weekend plans? The Saturn-Pluto stuff is serious, but the Saturday/Sunday Moon says: Let’s eat cake!



Weekend Love Forecast – Saturn-Pluto, Priorities And Boundaries: CHANGE — 13 Comments

  1. That picture speaks a thousand words:

    The King and Queen of Hearts are conjoined by the Ace of Spades; the most mysterious, spiritual, revered and often misunderstood card.

    It may sound counter intuitive, but show your cards!

  2. All I can think about at the moment are the thousands of people in Australia whose homes and livestock and family members have burned to death. And the millions of animals burned to death. And this seems to just be the beginning. Massive fires are burning all through Australia – it’s like the film ‘The Road’. Is this a Capricorn Pluto conjunction thing? Terrifying.

    • I really do think so (that’s it’s a Saturn-Pluto Capricorn thing). It’s horrific. I also think that in addition to it being a climate change issue, it is also a foundational/cultural and land management concern. Things have become so dire that we no longer have wiggle room for neglecting the proper stewardship of nature. My understanding is that plenty of people have agitated for such, but it has not resulted in societal attention and allocation of action and resources. That would apply in Australia, the US, and other places as well.

      • Yes you’re absolutely right Satori – including the UK where I live. Hardly any hedgehogs around now and I only saw about 4 butterflies in my large, organic, butterfly friendly garden in the summer. The year before I saw hundreds.
        Very sad.

  3. Satori, your post, once more, quite timely for me! “Don’t stop. You’re so close. Etc.”

    I had a good sit-down with your post and myself, and it was very, very fruitful.

    I decided to Not Stop. Which led me back into a website related to My Project(s). And lo and behold, after not having been active there in the last couple of years, TODAY, a member had just sent me a message asking for my help re: something!!

    I’m thinking this is a pretty clear message from the gods that I am indeed to get back in the saddle and resume my work. It IS needed. *I* am needed.

  4. Late afternoon Sunday report: I’m had no cake, but a pint of Lopez Island Vanila Ice Cream has soothed me and smoothed the edges of my dragon fire; fine tuning my long serious commitment!

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