Weekend Love Forecast – Sagittarius New Moon Eclipse

moon-sun Now that Neptune is direct, each of us will likely return to our usual level of fog. As it occurred between the eclipses, this may soften the arrival of whatever eclipse truth comes with the Sagittarius new moon. It’s still a blast, but perhaps it’s a blast through a filter.

Friday night, the Sagittarius Moon heads into quincunx with Uranus in Taurus as well as a conjunction to the Sun. That’s a bouncy but unpredictable mood. Think racquetball. That little blue ball can pop you in the eye from nearly any direction if you’re not the one who sent it. But that’s what makes it exciting.

Late night / early morning, the Moon arrives at its exact conjunction to the Sun and we have our new moon eclipse. It’s not just a fresh chapter; it’s a brand new book. Of course, for you that might mean another book in a series, or the second in a trilogy. Sadge is mutable, and you’re writing this tome… with a little help from fate. Think BIG. Why limit yourself unnecessarily?

Other balls in play include Mars in sextile to Pluto and square to Sadge ruler Jupiter. Venus sextiles Mars and closes a conjunction to Pluto. And let us not forget Uranus. This new storyline incorporates some tension, but it also brings the chance to save the day and win the prize.

It brings power. The power to act, to wiggle in and out of tight spaces, or blast on through. The skill of manipulation can be handled with gravitas if we choose. And there’s definitely a prize.

I’m talking a tangible benefit, but we’ve also got the ability to power up personally. And this definitely confers the ability to finesse… IF we don’t go blasting first.

So that’s the thing this weekend: While you can definitely blast, don’t blast unless you absolutely have to. The skills we can access are potent and exquisite. We get to keep them if we’re crafty. If we don’t blast them all to hell.

Mercury is in Sadge as well, heading into square with Neptune. Don’t assume you’ve got the territory conclusively mapped. Slow down to allow for precision. Or be prepared to adjust on the move. If new information is confusing or unclear, take more readings. Try another technology to boost your input.

Saturday midday and afternoon, the Sadge Moon continues on to conjoin Mercury and square Neptune. It hits the midpoint of Mars and Venus-Pluto as it sextiles Jupiter. It’s a sweet spot for action, a moment of clarity that comes in the wake of confusion. Trust the force or whatever. Trust your ability to shoot from the hip.

If at any point this weekend your “moment” comes, take your shot. Walk through that door. Jump through that window.

Is there something you’ve been wanting FOREEEEEVERRRR? Something you thought you’d lost a shot at long ago? A passion/desire dead and buried? A new incarnation rises. Could be a zombie. But more likely it’s a new way to get to the essence of the old desire.

But this is not a conclusion: It’s a beginning. A whole other tale, adventure, coup.

Sunday morning, the Moon moves to solid Capricorn. It conjoins Juno, heads into square with Chiron, and trines Uranus by end of day. Chiron holds a sextile to Cap ruler Saturn. Be for real. Take this mood seriously and leverage the opportunity to solidify the fiery parts of hard won integrity. Post-eclipse, we definitely feel the stirrings of our next new venture, but we take our old heart with us.

Make sure that old heart takes its lessons into the future. Be you, the real you. Nobody is perfect is such an old saw that no one hears it anymore. What if your “flaw” is the tool that you need to succeed? Take it with you. You’ll have a leg up just for knowing that. Commit to the essence of your passion and know you can forge the new form of the tools you need from what you already have.

The new moon eclipse takes place at 12 degrees Sagittarius. Where does that hit your chart, and what are your weekend plans?



Weekend Love Forecast – Sagittarius New Moon Eclipse — 6 Comments

  1. Well hopefully this is good news for my date tomorrow with a cap sun gem moon. I am a gem sun libra moon and ready for love again!

  2. Lands within a couple of degrees to my Midheaven in Dag. Not sure how this will play out. Home and career are stable so far.

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