Weekend Love Forecast – Quick Whip Of Squares

boy heliosFriday night, the Gemini Moon conjoins Mars and squares Neptune. Some will have their tummies go off, yet others will find themselves swept along on a caper. You never know what you’ll get till you get there.

Saturday night, the Cancer Moon leaves an square to Jupiter to complete a square to Mercury, all three cardinal. The Mercury-Jupiter opposition is barely in the past, and the watery mood brings control. Are you wrestling with some news? Some plans? The mood impels a straightforward look.

On Sunday, the Cancer Moon squares Chiron, sextiles Uranus, and goes on toward square with Venus and the Sun and opposition to Pluto. Venus moves closer to the Libra Sun all weekend, and both make active squares to Pluto. It seems rather grim on the face of it, but this is where we grab the guts to face where we must improve and chance, to sense what is valuable and what must go.

If you’re anxious, know that it’s juicing you up to meet your targets. We finally have the information we need. Whatever comes next, we’re ready to move on it.

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