Weekend Love Forecast – Powerful Love, Divine Mind Amplified

love and trust gemsFriday night, the Capricorn Moon trines Mercury, conjoins Jupiter, and sextiles Neptune. This is to say it lights up the tight formation the other three make, in effect all weekend.

On a basic weekend, I’d be saying it was a great time to see a play, WRITE a play, drum up some enthusiasm for your creative interests – or seek inspiration in nature. Talk out your higher aspirations… remember what makes you feel joy, feel worthwhile.

This weekend I want to add that Mercury in Virgo is able to discern where service is needed. Listen and interpret with your senses. Don’t be confused by an illusion. Your service is needed. It’s strong and bright, but a bit fraught by current details and subtleties. Or not-so-subtleties.

Overnight and on into Saturday, the Moon conjoins Pluto and Saturn as well. Saturday night it squares a slowed down Mars then heads into Aquarius. The collective mood Friday and Saturday is powerful and potent. It’s volatile. If you want to be safe, do the right thing.

I saw a meme like one you’d see in pre 2020 times. It talked about the Moon conjoining the Capricorn stellium this weekend as a powerful positive. It sure is if you know how to handle it, but if you don’t – it’s nothing to mess with. These sorts of things annoy me. Don’t hand a toddler lit fireworks. They’ll jab you in the eye with a sparkler. And laugh.

There’s laughter this weekend, awesome laughter. But not all laughter is the kind you want.

Mercury trines Jupiter exactly on Saturday. That seems pretty benign. It’s enhanced, joyful sensation and communication. It’s also broadcasting and the truth. All those are great. But don’t be yelling shit at the wrong people in the wrong places. Or if you do, and you’re doing it for the greater good, be safe. Know what you’re getting into. If you choose it, awesome. Don’t be an idiot.

Be flexible in your thinking and creative with your words. If you’re trusting a deity to keep you safe, don’t act with hubris. Don’t embarrass your god. Smiting is a thing.

Sunday morning, Venus makes its exact opposition to Pluto, then Mercury closes its opposition to Neptune. Desire in Cancer is emotional. Opposite Pluto you can get a powerful response, a deeply rooted response. Take care. Consider the motives of the other. Mercury opposite Neptune can enhance or fool the senses. Are you seeing a sign from the divine or fooling yourself? Others can conceal their true intentions. Or it can be a saving grace and the right word at the right time. Confusing? That’s Neptune. Check your facts and don’t be swayed if the results don’t smell right.

However, none of that is any reason to give up on faith in the truth. Sunday’s Aquarius Moon brings an atmosphere of intellectual distance and rigor. The Moon sextiles Chiron and squares Uranus. The Mercury-ruled Virgo Sun moves into trine with Uranus. The mood brings a chance to really investigate that sniff test. How authentic are people’s actions as opposed to what they say? Experiment and trust your own mundane wisdom. You know where to research good facts. No one can wee on your head and tell you it’s raining unless you’re complicit.

Use your judgement. Especially use your judgement before acting. Use your judgement on yourself moreso than on others. Your own senses, plans, and attitudes are the ones you can accurately account for.

Now with all that said: It’s also a time when people DO step up and do the right thing. It’s also a time when powerful love changes hearts and divinity speaks to and through you. But know your own business first, or you’ll likely act a fool.

What are your weekend plans?

Emma’s dear ones were in an auto wreck on the highway not too far from me. Their car was totaled. We’ve had a full house this week, but everyone is safe and back on their way. On the road to and from, they saw some tragic OTHER wrecks. Be safe.



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  1. Oh dear, divinity. I will have to spend some prone time besides hitting the pillow and passing out. It is difficult for me to sleep over 6 hours. Elsewise I could count on dreams for any messaging.

    Going to start clearing invasives in the wilder areas and cutting back dead stuff. And start my salsa making marathon. And got another batch of brew to filter and bottle. Mundane is right, eh?

  2. I’m hope I’m not being fooled or a fool but I’m thinking about throwing my heart out there. I guess it will either be picked up or run over but either way I’ll know.

    I did laugh like a fool at a BBC comedy series show I watched tonight.

    I’m glad all the loved ones are safe.

  3. I am really uncomfortable with the loosening of safety around the virus thing in my immediate environment. And am getting some pressure about saying no to gatherings. I just talked to someone who acted as a server at a wedding rehearsal dinner tonite and will be a server at the wedding tomorrow. Servers did masks and gloves but the guests tonite did not. Elbow to elbow at the table. I had to uninvite her to my b-day. Others are doing what they call 2X2. 2 come and go at a time. So it will 2 others and me. And then 2 others and me. And then 2 others and me. And outside. It just doesn’t seem worth the risk to me to not take precautions. So that would be my judgement, backed by other’s judgement. I am glad I am not the only cautious one.

    Omg, I just saw your italics. Yikes!! May the sound of that crash evaporate soon for them.

  4. I have a lunar return this weekend. Capricorn on lunar asc, so a lot of focus on my first house. Jupiter, pluto and saturn is within 10 degree of my asc.
    Pluto is exactly conjunct on my natal mars 2nd house. I believe it’s a tug of war between my 2nd and 8th house.

  5. I had an amazing day tyeaterday, but today is uncanny. Everyone is so intense , Wonder if I am inviting it or what. Hope it passes.

  6. Just saw your note re: the wrecks. Glad Emma and dear ones are all safe and (as) sound (as can be)! Hope everything resolves acceptably re: the totaled car.


    Just had a conversation with my parents, a conversation that posed some challenges. I had been dreading it, given our poor track record.

    But! I REALLY put on my thinking cap and thought OUTSIDE THE BOX (hat) and came up with (and rehearsed) a way to present the information that MIGHT be better received. It worked!!!

    We all three have serious Pluto, Saturn, Cancer involved (that transiting stellium and opposition) so it was a doozy! I think Jupiter being right there in the mix this time was the Benevolent Wind in our three sails. We sailed right through the rough seas, COOPERATIVELY!! (Wow!!)

  7. I haven’t seen anything else than the last part – that love is really really potent. That love can be changes, transformed and morph into greater understanding. Potent understanding really, turning things around for healing.

    Communication can really cut through the BS and forge a way ahead to walk.

    Yeah that, and then some health issues. I exposed myself today (Sunday) to a place where I got PTSD …. Turned out I wasn’t ready. But I just thought I were. When we sat there,waiting for the rain to stop, I felt increasingly bad, anxious and like I had trouble breathing and thinking.

    Some things are just too traumatic to revisit until a LOT of time has passed. But I got wiser. And that is good 🙂

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