Weekend Love Forecast – Post-eclipse And Saturn-Pluto: I And Thou

story emmaFind meaning in the flavor of the day. Over time, when the details of our lives follow a predictable route and become mundane, it’s easy to fall into the habit of seeing things, situations, people in situations, as other – as something categorically known, as a larger grouping rather than a discrete individual essence or singular happening.

We can habituate the exaggeration of one side of the human interaction dynamic. Ours. Our meanings, our challenges, our perspectives. Balance doesn’t just mean giving weight to the goings on of others: it’s being able to hold both as meaningful and to co-create. It’s not me. It’s not me and you. It’s we. The Cancer Moon eclipse opposite the Capricorn stellium FORCES us to take an I-Thou dynamic somewhere in our lives. It at least forces the opening of the moment to do so.

Yes, the eclipse has already occurred, but its effects are long-reaching and still expanding. The eclipse took place immediately after Mercury conjoined the Sun. Mercury goes on to conjoin Saturn then Pluto just before Saturn hits Pluto on Sunday morning. It carries meaning. It infuses our experience through its intercession. Mercury is our interpreter for the larger experience. We even have Jupiter now in Capricorn to broadcast and help us access a larger philosophy and storyline in which to achieve this I-Thou resonance.

So there’s all that stricture and heavy control over time in Capricorn, dry and reductive and stark; and the strong but soft Cancer Moon touched down to remind us there’s water all around and we can swim.

Mercury emerges to help us make sense of that absolutely ridiculous amount of duality and somehow come away with a meaningful shot at change, at growth. But the icing on the cake is not change or growth: It’s family, it’s satisfaction. Jupiter is on the south node during the eclipse. Don’t pay too much attention to the boundaries of blood and land family. Amorphous, human family may be closer to what we need.

Last night (early morning actually) before the eclipse, my daughter had an experience she posted to Instagram. It’s a perfect illustration of this perspective. Saturn-Pluto is in her 11th house (ideals, humanity) and the full moon conjoined her 5th house Venus (creative gifts)…

Nem story1

also emma story

Friday night, Uranus stations to head direct. In Taurus, ruled by Venus — currently in Aquarius in mutual reception — Uranus surges with energy and that energy goes outward and inward, and it has gifts for all. The caveat is that we have to be willing to see the gift in it. Mercury in Cap is a realist, but it also does the hard work to understand. Mercury moving up on Saturn and Pluto this weekend, then past, well it gives us a chance to let worn out ideas drop through the grate into the pit. Lightly now: The gift is made of light and air with an earthy crust.

Friday night, the Moon finishes up in Cancer, opposing Saturn and Mercury and going on to quincunx Venus. The mood is rich and ripe to float into balance and steer toward gains.

Saturday night, we have the Moon in Sun-ruled Leo in trine to Sagittarius Mars. This mood can be joyous, jubilant, generous. It’s creative, self-centered, and warm. There’s an ease in motion and the moves don’t know when to quit. No, I mean it; they don’t know when to quit. Set an alarm.

Sunday morning we have the Mercury-Saturn-Pluto reorder to Pluto-Saturn-Mercury. It’s big, and it’s not easy for many. For some it’s the finishing strokes on a masterpiece. For others it is the repercussions of the other shoe dropping. Some will experience heavy grief. Not all stories are upbeat in any given moment and some can be horribly sad. Remember that whatever chapter you’re experiencing, keep reading.

“Nothing either good or bad but thinking makes it so” –Shakespeare If you can, find that I-Thou infusion of balance. If you can’t, there will be other days. Keep on with the story. With the Moon in Leo, look for the helpers to shine. Take comfort in that, even if you are not in the position to help at this time.

By nighttime, the Cancer Moon opposes that new Pluto-Saturn-Mercury energy. Look for the electric-airy-crusty gift, then feel it. Satisfaction is possible, regardless of your circumstances.

What are your weekend plans?



Weekend Love Forecast – Post-eclipse And Saturn-Pluto: I And Thou — 10 Comments

  1. I am on the mainland, taking an 8 hour class then test.Longest week
    12 hrs of work each day 1 monster boss just chewed me up like dog meat !! How do people treat others so badly without even wincing?
    ego I am most sure of ,alcoholism another given
    Trying to figure out why I am trying so hard.At this moment money
    Doesn’t make happy and allowing another to verbally abuse me
    Gotta “jump” question ? When ? How do I win? New plan I want
    His job ? So I can feel compensated?
    Try harder ,forget ,can I reboot? Argh Do I make it to summer
    And quit? Lots of questions, aww coffee …class soon ;wait and see?
    My tiny smile is a tiny tight line
    I might need to ask for a hug.

  2. Satori, your post made my day! Your daughter is a wonderful testament to you as a mother and her instincts as a human being. I was so very moved! If only everyone could “sense” one another’s needs, there would be no wars, no hunger, no cruelty, etc. Only compassion and love as God intended.

  3. Nice one Emma! The Force is in her … Obiwan Mama.
    Writing with Saturn and Pluto newly conjoined I feel The Force, it takes time in a galaxy within to manifest without. I and thou-ness ??

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