Weekend Love Forecast – Pluto And The Pisces Full Moon, Mars And Neptune Take Center Stage

Venus and MarsLet the weekend unfold as you watch. Absorb the details and let things play out. Mars is agency and Mars in Virgo is discerning action. So give yourself a chance to look before you leap. And may I say… keep looking. Leap only when you feel divinely compelled. Even then, there will be a possibility you’re leaping into a mirage.

Sometimes you do have to leap into the mirage because THAT IS PART OF YOUR OWN GRAND PLAN. If you can accept that, then leap. Sometimes you’ve got to listen to the expert who says: Things will continue to unfold and accrue value. Bubbles and opportunities are developing and bursting left and right. Many of them are valid; some of them are ephemeral and questionable.

You have your own personal compass, and that’s involved here too. Only you can choose. Only you can say if you should listen to the expert. “Expert” is something that is often questionable as well.

I would NEVER say to use your own facts, as in whatever you pulled out of your pocket along with lint and gum wrappers. That’s called being an idiot. What I’m saying is – it’s often tough to ascertain who is in possession of the correct facts for the situation. So go with your gut. You are the one you answer to. But make sure you are at ease with your own gut. You know what type of miss-step you’re likely to make. You also know how it feels when you’re about to make the right call. Only you will pay the piper in the end.

If you’re asking me what astro-timing I’d hearken to, that would be sometime after Saturn stations direct on the 18th, perhaps as Mars moves into trine with Pluto (exact a day later). I’d at least wait till Saturn is direct. Virgo Mars-Cap Pluto is a power swing into smart action. That’s a timing thing. That doesn’t mean you refrain from any action at all. What I suggest is not jumping the gun when you’ve got such a great power move coming up. Look for the smart move and swing away.

Friday night’s full moon is intense. Intense is not good or bad, just powerful. It takes place with the Moon and Sun in great aspect to Pluto with the Moon conjunct its sign ruler (Neptune). This makes the impact foggy, powerful but foggy. Mars is close behind the Sun in a tight t-square with Jupiter and Neptune.

That t-square brings jump the gun energy, no doubt. In another context, a confusing context, it also creates a nebulous and magical possibility for divine inspiration and a one shot wonder deal. You just have no way of knowing what you’ve got till it plays out later in the story. GAMBLING! It’s a gamble. It’s also a time when you may be pushed into action outside your control.

So that makes me think where’s Venus? At the time of the full moon, Virgo Mercury has just crossed over Venus, but they move together through the last degree. There’s a culmination of Virgo matters in regard to mind, senses, communications, and reward. Also desire. This happens as we feel the Pisces full moon opposition to the Virgo Sun. What we think we know faces off against what we believe or long for… but desire and mind are sharp in Virgo.

It’s only a crisis if you let it zap you. You can also get in the flow and see what transpires and coalesces. Keep your mood high, as in above the mundane. That increases your ability to stay in flow and take the high road. This is a culmination, perhaps an ending. However, why wouldn’t that be in your best interest? It would.

Saturday morning, Mercury then Venus move to Libra, from Mercury’s rule to Venus’ rule. Desire and reward and values will balance opposite the point of agency (the Aries point). It’s a harvest of some type. But it could be theoretical. I’d let it unfold still.

Mercury and Venus in Libra also move into opposition with Chiron. This waxing energy takes place with the Moon still in Pisces. The full moon emotional tang lingers. Let your heart catch up. Learn something in the mean time, something about your genuine desires. They may not be what you’ve had in mind all along. Consider them against the recent growth of your authentic self.

By afternoon, the Moon moves into Aries and into the mix. Take the short term bump in activity and make some exciting plans. Or tune in to someone else’s plans and jump in. It’s social and meaty, light but tangibly accessible. The night brings us up to speed with some popular zing. An active mood draws in pleasure, chatty pleasure.

Sunday the Moon cruises through Chiron then on to square Saturn. Later in the day it reaches orb of a trine to Jupiter. In Aries, the Moon is ruled by Mars in Virgo, so we’re still following our senses and smarts. However, with Mercury (Virgo’s ruler) ahead in Libra conjunct Venus, it’s a pleasant time! That’s even taking into account the Moon’s square to Saturn. Slow it down if you’re not feeling it. Do something that makes you feel a bit more responsible. You can have a nice, social time without being a flibbertigibbet.

The full moon takes place Friday night at 21 degrees Pisces. Where does that hit your chart? What are your weekend plans?



Weekend Love Forecast – Pluto And The Pisces Full Moon, Mars And Neptune Take Center Stage — 8 Comments

  1. My colleague just gave birth under this Friday the 13th full moon! I’m off to go run this child’s chart! Thanks for the pointers…

    • Oh no 🙁 I see a family pattern repeating 🙁 Or at least the setup is there. Of course, free will and all, he will get to play his own cards his own way, but he is basically being served the same hand. :/

      Oh well…

      • Based on what’s happening in the skies today, he would have some powerful aspects in his chart depending on time and place of birth; Like:

        Virgo Stellium

        An approaching Full Moon (Sun opposite Moon)

        Sun exact trine Pluto

        Mercury conjunct Venus at 29 critical degree in Virgo

        Mutable T-Square with Mars, and both Jupiter and Neptune in home signs

        Saturn Stationary Direct in Cap conjunct South Node

        Of course the houses will greatly colour these aspects, so is it still the same hand?

        • My immediate and “un-analyzed” reaction was based on houses – loaded 2nd (Sun/Mars/Merc/Venus stellium) — all personal planets) and Chiron and Neptune opposite that in 8H (with Moon conjunct Nep, but in 7H if using Equal houses).

          Basically: the family pattern and “signature” is that 2H-8H axis and the attendant issues.

  2. Opposite my Moon exact. I had lunch today with my parents and a family friend. I’m not sure about the rest of the weekend, I’m just going to go with the flow.

  3. This full moon is conjunct my natal Venus and Mars in Pisces. Last Thursday my boss yelled at me in front of my colleagues because I dared to question him and his decision. This is a new boss that represents everything is corrupt in an institutional system and is trying to push me out so that he can move in idiots like him. No boss has ever yelled at me. I am a woman, he ia a man. I have a problem with that because I grew up in a conflictual environment and because it is just not normal. I am trying to find a new job. In the meantime, I am trying to find a lawyer, because things will get worse before they get better – I have a suspicion.
    I am so upset. I have to grovel for a new job leaving behind my work, a good salary, because of this heightened corruption.

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