Weekend Love Forecast – Novel Pleasures And A Rush To Begin!

stallion landscapeFriday night Juno, Venus, the Moon, and Uranus are mashed up in Taurus. All weekend, Taurus ruler Venus heads into conjunction with Uranus in Taurus. In Aries, a second stellium also makes an impact: Sun, Mercury, Chiron, Jupiter, Vesta.

The collective mood is fixed on pleasure, but pleasure hinges on novelty and passion. The itch is new, and so much be the scratch. Mars scratches from Gemini, Mercury-ruled, on Friday night – in quincunx to Pluto in Aquarius. Mercury in Aries heading into Chiron-Jupiter-Vesta learns from doing. Mars-Pluto here responds to the steady application of force on more than one front.

Taken as a whole, we balance as we go. While action remains precarious, the entire situation is titilating and excitement mounts with each movement. Try new things. Repeat. Successful or not, the key is to try again. Eliminate what doesn’t work and steer into pleasure.

Saturday morning, Mars moves to Moon-ruled Cancer, perfecting its quincunx to Pluto and entering a brand new (long awaited) phase of action. The pump is PRIMED. This first push is POWERFUL. It finally offers the novelty we crave. Use it well. We begin.

Saturday night, the Moon finishes up in Taurus, still zinging with flavor. It heads into Gemini with a trine to Pluto and a square to Saturn. Explore the mood, its interests, its gut reflexes for satisfaction. Experimentation yields quick results; romance is fertile and shiny.

On Sunday morning, the Gemini Moon sextiles the Aries Sun. Midday, Mercury passes over Chiron. The Moon goes on to sextile Chiron, Mercury, and Jupiter in the night. More than anything, get up and GO – and keep going. Mars in Cancer brings a fresh and fertile chapter to bear as the mood urges us on to numerous discoveries.

We’re no longer whipped by fear of missing out. It’s more a rush to begin. La how jolly!

Do you have any weekend plans?


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