Weekend Love Forecast – “Nothing Either Good or Bad but Thinking Makes It So”

booksThe weekend starts with the Pisces Moon sextile the early Taurus Sun. Direct Pisces Venus square Saturn has already popped, but the energy hangs in the air – water to fire. It still smolders. Retrograde Aries Mercury swoops in as the unlikely hero with an applying trine to Saturn!

Mars takes on new territory at the first degree of Gemini, putting it in mutual reception with Gemini ruler Mercury in Mars-ruled Aries. Mercury spends the weekend perfecting its trine to Saturn. Current wisdom tells us that multi-tasking is not really a thing, that we don’t do things quite as well when we juggle. This weekend, let’s look at that another way. We’re not juggling tasks, we’re switching things up. Quickly. And we have the energy to manage that well.

Knock those items off your old to-do list, boom – boom – boom, and investigate some of those things on the other list, the FUN list!

The Sun in early Taurus speaks to investment and values. The retrograde action of Mercury allows us to follow up on old leads which open up back roads into innovative but ultimately stable new plans and models of thinking. We have plenty of time. Go back over solidified senses and ingrained attitudes. Are they really as actionable as we once thought?

With Mercury moving back through Uranus, we have a whole universe of possibilities opening back up – electric thought and corrective communication. Mars has the perfect timing to pop those bits and bites into action and see how they fly.

Friday night the Pisces Moon to Taurus Sun sextile is a thing of beauty and bliss. It’s anchored by the lingering Venus-Saturn wrenches. Neither Taurus nor Pisces energy would choose to be tethered in irritation, but together they’re a perfect match to find the most delicious path through a challenge. Challenges cement relationships. This sextile serves up gorgeous options on a doily covered tray.

Which leads us to Saturday and the Pisces Moon rolling over Pisces ruler Neptune, lighting up its see-saw quincunx to retrograde Jupiter. Go high or go low? Flow high, of course! It’s dreamy… if that’s how you see it. Flow in the direction of the dreamy side of this angle. If you find yourself flowing off the edge into a fog, dive in, find the bottom, and push back up again! As Joseph Campbell (and others) said: “If you’re falling, dive.” Then dream your mood up big again.

Saturday night, the Moon moves into sextile with Juno and stationary Pluto. We have dreamy opportunities for deep commitment. They may not be clear, though. So just go with it and see where you end up. It may feel disturbing, but stay emotionally relaxed and let it play out in your favor. It’s also deeply communal and delicious. And sexy. Look for what feels right, and don’t settle for less.

Sunday morning, the Moon squares Saturn. Hangover? Self doubt? This is the one time I think I’ll say this: Listen to head over heart. It doesn’t matter what you did. In the long run, it’s going to work itself out. If you’re concentrating on hurt feelings or a lack of some kind, you’re not seeing the path out. So turn to your senses and your quick, action-oriented thoughts. Don’t dwell on lack. Get up and get going!

By afternoon the Moon passes over Chiron and Venus. There’s something to learn from that downshift of emotion. Experience makes the heart grow wiser, and it helps us learn how to get what we want in ways that also satisfy!

The Moon moves through all of Pisces this weekend, feeling connected to all things, hard and soft. What’s going on in Pisces in your chart? What are your weekend plans?

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Weekend Love Forecast – “Nothing Either Good or Bad but Thinking Makes It So” — 9 Comments

  1. Holy cow I was feeling the anti (I am Mercury ruled) or I wander from task to task because I just whatever man (I’m a Pisces too) but today I focused and finished and “knocked it off the to-do list”. Odd for me, I love making the lists but inevitablly lose them in a deep pocket under a blanket of loose cigarette tobacco from 3 months ago (did I mention Pisces/Mercury?)

    I just want to say how much I look forward to your posts, they are very thoughtful and wise and also the pictures are so great. What beautiful people! I can never tell what my weekends are but I hope you have a great one.

  2. Lets see, going to the cinema tonight with my daughter, then birthday party on Saturday night, then recovery on Sunday.

    There’s also, kickboxing and getting hair done as well, to get over my emotional trauma, but I’m planning to make a good meal out of everything, to connect with people who want to.

    • That sounds wonderful. And hair done! I cut a foot off a brand new mother’s hair yesterday, and she looked like a completely new (happy) person! (shoulder length, shattered, beachy waves)

  3. Yup, I too wanted to say, you have beautiful kids, Satori.
    You’re pretty nifty at writing eloquent, inspiring forecasts, too! (Neptune, with strong Venus featuring. Truly, you’re one of my – very few – key sources for inspiration, to step away from Saturn i.e. towards Venus – like dance steps. I suspect your kids inherited that artistry from you.)
    Thankfully, you’re there, doing these pieces. Thank you.
    PS Sorry, I’m sometimes… gauche when writing what I truly, very much think. And I do know that those I know in person who have earth sign Moons use an internal translation thingy, when we get together… hope you have one, too, because I haven’t mastered the knack yet (like dancing – neither) 😀

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