Weekend Love Forecast – Newly Direct Mercury Clears A Path

sun mountain roadFriday night, the post-new Sagittarius Moon moves away from its conjunction to the Sun and into square with Chiron and trine to Uranus. This weekend Chiron stations direct as we pivot to internalize lessons that are still percolating. The Friday night mood bubbles with electric anticipation.

Saturday the Moon moves from Sagittarius to Capricorn, from Jupiter to Saturn rule. The mood goes from JUMP to LAND. Venus in Scorpio continues to move forward into sextile with Saturn in Capricorn with Jupiter in Sagittarius on their midpoint. Emerging Venus-Saturn themes are highlighted by this combination. They loom large and take on the inflation of a bigger than life story arc.

Are you working on something you’ve wanted for a long time? Are you starting a new run at love or money, something where you’ve been previously blocked? What is the longer plot to your lifelong values story? There’s an awareness of laying groundwork for gain, an awareness that comes with a dollop of hope and enthusiasm – even if that’s been missing on previous attempts.

Saturday afternoon the Capricorn Moon sextiles Venus then goes on to conjoin Saturn. The mood is earthy. Pleasure is possible if you give in to the enthusiasm that Jupiter brings with the moon lit up in semi-sextile. It’s a flush of subtle fire. Take your time to let it kindle something bigger.

All weekend, Mercury newly direct in Scorpio builds a quincunx to Uranus and forms a trine to Chiron (exact Sunday). It’s hard to relax your thinking if you concentrate on relaxing. Distraction helps. Previously puzzling pieces make sudden sense and healing ease permeates. Aha moments are interspersed with a thoughtful fog that integrates logic with seemingly magical recognition. Look at things from another angle and see them form brand new connections.

Sunday morning, the Capricorn Moon sextiles the Neptune-Mars conjunction (just past exact). The Moon moves into and through a conjunction to Pluto by nighttime. Do what feels right. If you slow your approach, you can glide through the day in a perfectly measured mood. How is that possible? You just don’t do anything till you feel the right path open up in front of you. Find the groove and stay in the flow. If you pop out, slow down and get back in. Look for the fairy dust and sprinkle it. Laugh and dance and sing when it feels right. Sit quietly or move in pleasurable grooves till it does.

The trick is to feel rooted but move with perfect faith that each step is meant to be. However you achieve that, well it works.

What are your weekend plans?

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Weekend Love Forecast – Newly Direct Mercury Clears A Path — 7 Comments

  1. A great write-up, Satori, as always.

    Venus-Saturn… you nailed that one down for sure…

    Thank you so much.. Have a very good weekend!

  2. Weekend plans, grandson and I are going to mainland in search of a violin; they are pricey but time to
    Invest his arms too long for his others. I am looking for long johns
    For sons , slippers for daughter in laws? Stuff to stuff small grandsons
    Socks and hopefully soft crabs
    And shrimp then praying roads
    And boats safe for us. I am considering new sneakers for running as my birthday follows
    Christmas and I am ready to kick up ( lol) an added push on my health
    My work shift soon to be doubled up
    As usually my lover and close companion “ the outdoors “ is whispering seductively and I am a
    Lush to the effects of us together
    Peace love and joy to each every
    Moment you breathe

  3. Went out last night with a friend and never go out but maybe twice a year! It was fun and interesting people out. Intriguing political conversations, conversations on Investing and business. Also how the times have and are changing.

  4. Your prose is so exact and flowing. It’s such a pleasure to read your posts. They offer me hope and quiet anticipation with their beautiful clarity.

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