Weekend Love Forecast – New Moon In Aries Conjunct Venus, Pluto Looms Large

boy heliosFriday night, the Moon in Pisces pulls away from its conjunction to Pisces ruler Neptune as it closes a sextile to Pluto in Capricorn. Mars in Gemini squares Neptune and makes its way closer into trine to Pluto. The mood darkens as the unknown sparks tension – in the mind and in the body. This dip into darkness is the recharge we need… to experience and emerge reborn. Submit.

Saturday morning, Mercury in Aries sextiles Saturn as the gears of our senses grab, helping us gain ground with some higher level understanding as well as actionable, straightforward planning. Attitudes are confident and this adds fuel to brainstorming a new agenda.

All weekend, Venus sextiles Jupiter. We want more. We want it all. Venus in Aries is on the hunt, draws desire from the hunt, and Jupiter in Aquarius fuels a novel attack. The aspect is exact midday Saturday.

Saturday night, the Moon in Aries conjoins Chiron, sextiles Saturn, and conjoins Mercury. The active, fiery mood seeks pleasure like its on a mission. It’s not subtle.

Venus also squares Pluto, active all weekend and exact after Sunday’s new moon. It increases the intensity of that pleasure seeking. This can be delightful and fun or it can be intimidating and overboard. Control is possible, and so is manipulation. Protecting yourself is a good idea when passions are so thoroughly inflamed.

Sunday morning, Mercury moves forward with the Moon in Aries, a new day – a new assessment. Enjoy the enlivening perspective this offers. The senses and mood align in purpose with the wisdom of the body. Clear your head and tune in to what your whole being is trying to tell you.

Sunday night, the Moon conjoins the Aries Sun for the new moon. The new moon sextiles Mars and joins Venus in its square to Pluto. The new moon also grabs an applying sextile to Jupiter. The new moon conjunction to Venus, sextiles to Mars and to Jupiter… these are bright and upbeat, signaling an increase in energy and desire – simple pleasures born of simple planning and advanced action. It’s intensely sensual and crisp… but sleep on it.

The wrench in the spokes is Pluto. Sun-Moon-Venus as a lovely and simple start is complicated and blocked by Pluto reaching from the underworld. Jupiter is fortunate, but Jupiter also inflates. If there’s rot or violence or putrescence, Jupiter here gives it velocity.

It also provides the energy to power out of a skid. Look for the skid and POWER OUT. Look for it to be either physical or mental. It can be either or both. When you see it, do the thing. It’s as simple as that. The preponderance of Aries energy is ready to go when that decision is made.

This is a fresh start new moon with all that entails. We bring a new cycle with a yearly emotional commitment to action. It’s spring and we start over. Leave the past in the past. Wait till after the new moon to make your commitments in love. Make sure that what you’re starting is NEW. Old things can be renewed, but only if the love is fresh and real and viable. Don’t commit to something dead: Watch for new growth after the new moon.

Don’t sit and spoon in a dead tree.

The new moon takes place Sunday night at 22 degrees Aries. Where does that hit your chart? What are your weekend plans?



Weekend Love Forecast – New Moon In Aries Conjunct Venus, Pluto Looms Large — 5 Comments

  1. New moon is in my 9th trine my Uranus in the 1st. Recently in a passionate and a bit unstable relationship. More fodder for the fire?

  2. New moon is opposite my venus/south node conjunction,
    Sooo moon is conjunct north node..also squaring my ascendant. I’m expecting something…but not sure what or how it will manifest ?‍♀️

  3. This ripped me to shreds. New moon is in my 8th. The 10th anniversary of my FIL’s passing. We were visiting my mom for her birthday and I guess I did something wrong and my husband is torn. We had a lovely day with my mom…ugh.

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