Weekend Love Forecast – New Moon Eclipse In Taurus: Hello Venus

jugStop trying to tell other people how to feel. Stop trying to tell other people what to do. Optimism versus pessimism: which is a virtue? Either? Both? What about optimistic pessimists or pessimistic optimists? The nihilism of those who got off a few stops back? Enough.

People in this culture will keep throwing out platitudes that sound like commands (“Have a nice day!”), but they’re not indicative of anything at all – besides habit.

I’m aware I just told you what to do, and that I tell you how you might feel. I never said I was perfect. And also I don’t really mean it. Do what you will. There I did it again.

I write this with Mercury at the last degree and minute of Taurus, the Moon at the END of Aries… both aspecting newly retro Pluto. I have no interest in telling you what to do/think/feel/see. I’m just expressing what I see. What do YOU see? Because tomorrow is our first eclipse of the season, a strong new moon in Taurus with ruler Venus in conjunction to Neptune and Jupiter, and sextile to Pluto. The Sun continues in sextile to Mars, an aspect of opportunity on action and intention.

Who you are, what you need, what you desire, what you like: You can transform these now. There is a wealth of openings to consider and it’s likely the only true wealth we all share, that no billionaire can conscript.

Which brass ring we grab at is a question only answered on the individual level. The question itself is YOURS, let alone the answer. I propose you stand on both sides of the optimist/pessimist situation and pose and answer that question (and others) for yourself multiple times. Particularly as Mercury moves to Gemini (its own rule) this afternoon.

THEN, look for where the option to action presents itself. The choices are all on you. Don’t look to others to choose. Ask if you want, but see what that does to your impulse to pick. Pick for yourself. Be ruthless, but be real.

This new moon in Taurus is a beginning that brings in a bounty of opportunity and change, the kind of change that enriches long term. The kind of change that attracts much, much more of whatever it is you decide to pursue. So be careful what you decide to pursue. And that starts with what you believe about what you value.

Friday night, the Aries Moon squares Pluto then heads into Taurus. In Taurus it sextiles Juno overnight. So serious! Then not. Enjoy what’s there for you to enjoy. Revel and roll in the dirt – in either mood.

Saturday morning, the Taurus Moon heads into conjunction with the Sun, exact midday for the new moon eclipse. Afterward, Venus conjoins Jupiter exactly. We want more. We can have more. It’s all about what we already have and what we WANT to have. More. Venus sextiles Pluto (exact Sunday morning) as this all erupts. WE WILL HAVE MORE… and it will change us.

Sunday morning, the Taurus Moon squares Saturn, and we’re reminded that even wanting more has a bit of a hangover. But that doesn’t make it wrong. Unless it’s wrong. That’s another one to think on for yourself. This becomes easier as the Moon sextiles Neptune, Jupiter, then Venus – and trines Pluto. The full scope of it all takes shape.

What is it you believe about what you want? Because that makes all the difference.

The new moon eclipse takes place at 10 degrees Taurus on Saturday. Where does this hit your chart? What are your weekend plans? What do you waaaaaant…?

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Weekend Love Forecast – New Moon Eclipse In Taurus: Hello Venus — 5 Comments

  1. What do I waaaaaaant? True love, as ever. This is in my seventh house but hits no planets (is in between my planets there).

  2. 8th house opposite Pluto in the 2nd. I want to love what I do in terms of my job and feel pride, joy, and appreciation for it.

    Kind of struggle with needing security and yet possibly needing to leave it to find all those things.

  3. I love your forecasts!
    It’s in my 6th house. I have been wanting to shed the version of my self that sweats the small stuff and overthinks everything. I’ve gotten a lot better about that over the years.

    I want to be more open to ideas, to people and more quick to love, breathing sunshine out and breathing sunshine out to all.

    It’s like I’m some kinda hippie, but I gave up wearing bras recently and my heart chakra feels so open. Like the channels to give and receive love have been opened!

    I heard recently that men’s ties were invented us a symbol of separating the head from the heart. Some may say it’s only a symbol of that, but it could have that actual effect. Maybe a bra does something similar.

  4. I want sex (Scorpio/Taurus). Hot sex, sensual sex, quickies, karma sutra – you name it, with my partner.

    I know it sounds crazy. But that’s what I want.
    Be offended if you want, but this is what I need, desire and wants 🙂

    (NN/SN in 8th/2nd house at the moment)

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