Weekend Love Forecast – New Moon Eclipse in Pisces on Neptune

toyTalk about watery… did you read that headline? Saturday night the Moon washes over the south node and into sextile with Juno in Capricorn. Then Sunday morning it meets the Pisces Sun for a new moon eclipse conjunction. Are you married to your old life? Make way for the dream of something new – or awaken from an old dream to find a new perspective.

Friday the Moon moves through Aquarius, in sextile to Mars then moving to trine Jupiter. Moon to Mars in Aries is air to fire – enthusiasm. The building trine to Jupiter whips up emotion. In Aquarius, the emotional center is detached, elevated, experimental. Don’t confuse the personal with the impersonal. Arousal can be used for frustration or for fun. In the wake of the Leo full moon, there’s been much tension. The Aquarius Moon gives rise to the chance to take off sideways and leave those cares for something bigger than yourself. Aries Mars says MOVE – shake… Jupiter says expand. Open your heart up to the circulating air. Breathe. Talk!

On Saturday, Mercury hits the last degree of Aquarius as the Moon sextiles Uranus and Saturn and completes its trine to Jupiter. The Moon closes in on a conjunction to Mercury as Mercury moves to Pisces. The Moon moves to Pisces and overtakes Mercury. The heart chases understanding. Enlighten me! Satisfy my curiosity, I want to understand! But when you do, it’s bigger than expected, farther reaching. The emotional impact washes over like a wave. Good… bad… that’s not the issue. All encompassing and all together. There’s a new feeling of connectedness that is profound. It may take a bit to sink in.

You may find yourself high! Surrounded by drunks. Literally or metaphorically. It’s all talk until you’re swept away by the tide. Some will enjoy it, some not so much. It’s all in what you’re used to; but with this influence, you can get used to anything (if you choose).

As Saturday night turns to Sunday morning, the Pisces Moon moves over the south node and sextiles Juno in Capricorn. There’s going to be stability offered, available, something recognizable and reliable is there to catch on to and navigate by. Jealousy can flair when people are awash in emotion. Validate your connection to others and the same twinge can solidify into reassurance and connection. All creatures crave connection. When deprived they can lash out. So offer it freely. Touch base and renew that promise.

Sunday morning the Moon conjoins the Sun in Pisces at 8 degrees. The new moon eclipse is part of a stellium that includes Mercury, Pallas, and Chiron. The fire of the Leo full moon eclipse is quenched by the healing water of the Pisces new moon eclipse. Fire burned something out. This is a fresh, wet start that everyone is taking together. How together? How indeed. That’s what we’re just starting to find out. Take those first moments to acclimatize to something new, something different. How does it feel? Relax and let it simmer and flow.

In some ways, we’re all wiped clean… to reveal a great history that we share. Don’t look for what’s lost. Follow what shows up. Lost, gained, these are constructs that won’t necessarily apply at this juncture. Look for the side of the truth that feels like the active stream, the healthy stream. Get in that stream and flow with it. Don’t waste your energy fighting the current. Mars conjoins Uranus and moves into opposition with Jupiter. Push off into the flow and get somewhere NEW. Jump in! The water’s fine.

Where does the new moon fall in your chart? What house matters are active for you now? Does it aspect your personal planets? Where would you like a fresh start?

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Weekend Love Forecast – New Moon Eclipse in Pisces on Neptune — 26 Comments

    • Twelfth house is such a powerful place to have this eclipse! Magical transformation! And isn’t he a gem – I save pictures of the things I want, now. It takes up less space!

  1. It will also be in my 12th house which along with my 1st is quite active now. It’s not aspecting any of my personal planets, at least not in my opinion. I do have Venus at 5degrees Capricorn and Chiron at 5 degrees Taurus but I’m not sure that’s close enough…
    I would like all the guilt and low self-confidence and not knowing how to stand up for myself to go away.

    • That sounds like an excellent set of intentions. I think it’s close enough. It might make you feel better to frame it a little differently – as in… rather than what you want to go away, what would you like it to draw in? You could picture drawing in self confidence, satisfaction, agency. If Mars isn’t in your first house yet, he soon will be. That first quarter of the chart is a great place to have Mars and Venus transiting in order to get that confidence you want!

  2. Okay Satori, this New Moon waters my 2nd House. Am I married to my old life you ask? I’d like to not be! No personal planets aspected but its the personal values house and those are all burnt clear after this harshest of winters yet! Thanks for the view, this is helpful.

    Please Satori, tell me “Who is that little sumotori in your post?”

      • “Chunk”! I might have gone the whole rest of my life not knowing about him or his creator … talk about reassessing my values. TOYSREVIL, for real?!* Going for the old color of love (BLUE!)

      • This weekend’s New Moon and eclipse is the run-up to the Tibetan New Year, Losar, on February 27th. Normally my family and I have focused on the Chinese New Year (January 28, 2017) and gathered to celebrate. The harshest of the winter and the Leo Full Moon/Eclipse created a missed opportunity, I thought. But the universe had other reasons for the hard time and it seems we have an opportunity to celebrate Losar and make a new start in many karmic ways:)

  3. kind of nervous since this eclipse conjuncts my natal pisces moon at 11 degrees…I guess I don’t mind too much about being emotional, I just don’t want to be depressed. I hate that!

    • So you have Neptune on your Moon during the eclipse… once in a lifetime. However it ends up feeling in the short term, that’s a delicious transit. I understand the nervousness, but have faith that it’s something good. That eclipse is beautiful.

  4. New moon in 5th house. Downloaded a dating app due to not wanting to be depressed over my ex anymore and found someone that lives in a tropical island lol. Water everywhere. Now we’re talking everyday. He is natal Aries Venus hitting exactly where the stellium is on my 7th. He has natal Pisces Saturn hitting that transiting Neptune/new moon in my 5th. Is that trip to that tropical island a possible reality?? How dreamy

  5. This will be in my 10th house with t-Neptune conjunct my personal name asteroid almost to the minute. The eclipse squares my 8 degree Gemini Mercury in the 12th house. It seems personal even though I don’t remember what was going on for me in 1998. I know I just got away with speeding 15 mph over the limit in front of a cop. I’m not sure what to think of that other than to be extremely thankful.

  6. Beautiful as always, Satori. ? The new moon will be conjunct my Venus (9deg) & Mars (13deg) in Pisces, 8th house. Other than transformation, I don’t know how else to read that. Chiron and South Node are also currently stationed in that house, I’m not sure if they also come into play. If anyone has insight/sage advice, I’m all ears! 🙂

  7. There’s something in the air this weekend. My sister, her husband and I just picked apart a film from beginning to end, not to mention we’ve been on our phones, reading the news and criticizing everything.

    All 3 of us are Virgos.

  8. This Neptune/Eclipse is smack on my Nadir, directly opposing my Midheaven/Pluto conjunction, trine my Neptune in Scorp and Sun in Cap, and squaring my Gemini Moon 7th house. I have no idea what to think about this. Also, Jupiter is opposing Uranus/Mars on my Part of Fortune in Aries.

  9. I CANT!! ” Aries Mars says MOVE – shake… Jupiter says expand.” “Moon to Mars in Aries is air to fire – enthusiasm. The building trine to Jupiter whips up emotion.” THESE ARE MY FEELINGS. I spent all day yesterday planning my summer plans, and they’re exciting yet expensive but also doable. THEN TODAY!!! TODAY!!! I FIND OUT!!!! My favorite Alaskan is getting married this summer AND I NEED TO GO!!!!!!! “Expensive but doable” just turned into “CAN I??? HOW?????” DO YOU KNOW MY ALASKAN FEELINGS???????????? I CANT!!!!!!! But I will. I need to. I need to go to Alaska. I don’t know what old ways I’m dropping. I need to drop my spending habits to make this happen, that’s for sure! I need to work ALL DAY EVERY DAY UNTIL MAY 31st! I need to open my online job’s schedule more. I need to NEVER STOP WORKING O____O. I can do it! I can rest when summer comes! It’s only 3 months away!

    • When I see my comment it looks so obnoxious with all the caps and punctuation. I am basically staring at my budgeting now, salivating and yelling “you can do it, just do it!” It is very Mars-y over here. I can’t handle my Alaskan emotions. I feel detached now though. I keep flipping back and forth. Aquarius to Mars, right? Wish me luck! I can do it!!

  10. I have a 4″ Pisces moon in the 6th. Is that conjunct enough? It’s past it so maybe a dud. Opposite my natal Mars at 6 Virgo in 12th though.

  11. The new moon is in my first near the ASC, I hope it’s not a health issue as usual but would it be good for an image update?

  12. I am an Aquarius woman…with Libra ASC…My second house is Pisces, that is the money house.
    If I’m looking as a Libra, the second house is Scorpio!!! Also the money house!
    And the 10th house… Am I going to be lucky if I buy lottery? Or if I do some gambling?

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