Weekend Love Forecast – New Moon Eclipse In Leo

boy heliosFriday night the Moon is in Leo as we build toward an early morning Saturday, new moon eclipse. Friday’s Moon conjoins retrograde Mercury and squares the past exact Juno-Jupiter opposition. Mercury squares Jupiter as Juno squares Pallas Athena. The Moon travels over Pallas just before conjoining the Sun.

If we’re not already mulling over our relationship patterns, our attitudes and self expression in context, there’s a grand likelihood of being dramatically called out. If you’re in the hot seat, call yourself out. There are creative solutions available right now! And it doesn’t have to be stressful; it can be fun fun fun!

With Venus in Libra still feeling a Saturn square, you’d damned well better be gracious about it. You can’t just rush to grab the goodies. Pay your dues. But the actual paying can be fun!

Early Saturday, the new moon eclipse takes place in the 18th degree closely quincunx Pluto. It’s a new moon beginning with the opportunity to shift your personal relationship-to-power constructs. As we see in the run-up, this directly relates to how we define and approach our primary one on one relationships.

Examine your personal relationship rules. It’s entirely likely they’re archaic. Really. They may not be serving you or the relationship. This is true whether you’re in a relationship or not. Examine each thing you do as you do it. Why am I doing this? Is there a better way?

While that is action and Mars, the examination is Mercury, Sun-Moon to Pluto. But retrograde Mars is also in the mix. Mars in the first degree of Aquarius conjoins the expression point of Black Moon Lilith. Action wants freedom and it will go to great lengths to achieve this, regardless of conventional morality. That is something to consider deeply.

The new moon in Leo is fixed. The last fixed new moon was in Taurus, and it occurred with Mars at the last degree of Capricorn – just over the border from where it is now. That was mid-May with Uranus and Chiron changing signs. We have a glaring similarity here. It was a premonition we can look back on. What happened then? What were you moved to do? What were the people your are or were in relationship with doing then?

What patterns do you see? What do their past actions tell you about who they are in regards to how the acted toward you? What do your own actions tell you about who you are?

I’ve heard this from more than one source: When people show you who they are, believe them. When people tell you who they are, believe them. In addition, what are we showing people? What are we doing and saying that we should be aware of? Is that who we want to be?

This weekend, the Sun and Moon quincunx Neptune and Pluto, and the power of belief exerts itself on this new moon eclipse signature. Jupiter opposite Juno shows archetypal yin-yang couple energy – in contrast. The new moon shows it in harmony. Jupiter-Juno and Sun-Moon form a star with Neptune and Pluto with Sun-Moon at the apex.

That’s four star points in YIN signs and one YANG – Leo. There is a lot to take in… in order to create a new way.

Shift your beliefs and shift the power dynamic. Don’t do it to manipulate; do it to balance the yin-yang energies and create a harmonious approach to relating.

Get healthy and clean in your relating style and the pieces fall back into balance. Create the warmth and the particulars will follow. Stop trying to control how that works and it will work better.

Saturday, the Leo Moon takes the focus from a yod with Chiron and Mars. Let the healing in when you feel where action has a part in the problem. The Moon then moves to Virgo and into a grand trine with Uranus and Saturn. Clean up where you’re coming from. This is momentous and electric, but it will take time to implement. Feel it.

That continues through Sunday morning. The Moon then moves to trine Juno and sextile Jupiter. Relating feels healthier, more balanced when in tune with these bigger ideas.

Also Sunday, Mars moves back into Capricorn, the last degree. The Sun in fixed Leo with the Moon in early mutable Virgo as Mars changes sign echoes what happened the last time Mars changed sign. Mid-May, post-new moon, the Sun was in fixed Taurus with the mutable Gemini Moon the same bit ahead as Mars moved from 29 Capricorn to 0 Aquarius. At that point, Pluto trined the new moon. This weekend its transit brings more tension. The power felt secure, comfortable, usual in that fresh start of a new cycle. Now we also feel it as a resource but one we must wield creatively.

Who do we want to be? How do we want to wield this great power? There’s power in who we are. How are we going to act to reflect that? Consider the patterns you see, and listen to intuition about what they tell you.

The eclipse falls at 18 degrees Leo. Where does that hit your chart? What was going on with you at the mid-May new moon in Taurus? Do you see a connection?

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Weekend Love Forecast – New Moon Eclipse In Leo — 9 Comments

  1. New Moon Eclipse will be in my 8th, conjunct natal Pluto and Saturn. Yes, I remember what was happening in my relationships with the community we live with; and YES, things are changing and I see the patterns that I need to change … and they are! Whew.

  2. mid May I made my move in meeting my now boyfriend and love of my life. we got together in june and we are inseperable ever since. that new moon in Taurus was in my 7h, conjunct his Venus, trine Ac.
    this Solar eclipse is in his 7h, hitting basicly all his planets in Gemini, Libra, Taurus, Scorpio. it’s in my 9h, hitting my Gemini mars, and Aries jupiter. our composite is feeling this most of all. we have Ac on 18 degrees Sagg, and Saturn 17 degrees Leo. I feel like we are on our way creating this big story of our lives, learning about each other , getting more stronger every day. challenges are there but we are overcoming them with ease cause we are proving to be this tight ,very powerfull unit..

  3. there is no edit, but I have to add, eclipse is in fact hitting our composite grand kite. other then Sagittarius AC and Leo Saturn, there’s Mercury and Sun in Aries, and Pluto and NN in Libra.

  4. Wow, that’s exactly what just happened in my life!!! New moon/eclipse w mercury retro in my 7th w Pluto dealing w Scorpio relationship w that energy in his 12th. Me, cap w Venus Saturn. Changed my approach ang got him to cooperate (in theory) to change our way of relating… less control, more flow? by asking ‘nicely’ and using facts… thank you! Wonderful confirmation ❤️❤️❤️ I love your posts!!!

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