Weekend Love Forecast – Mercury Retrograde In Aquarius

Jane snow furFriday night, the Leo Moon opposes Mercury in Aquarius. Mercury is in its last bit of forward motion for a while. It heads back retrograde through the sign starting Saturday, a trip that will take three weeks and extend beyond Aquarius season.

The Moon also quincunxes Pluto and Venus. So the mood? It draws in the aftershocks of the full Leo Moon and gives us a chance to integrate the difference between what we think and how we feel… about everything. All of it, but specifically this point in time where the drama has landed and stopped skidding.

On Saturday, the Moon heads into Mercury-ruled Virgo immediately before Mercury turns retrograde. Midday, the Virgo Moon is the point of a yod formed with the Chiron-Saturn sextile as the Moon also trines Uranus. Be genuine. Be who you think and feel yourself to be even if it’s momentarily clunky. It’s not only what is real; it’s also what makes sense for our future self. If you’re going to time travel, take YOU with you.

Saturday evening the Moon also trines Mars. Mars in Taurus knows where to find the most delicious and pleasurable path. Take note and take action to extract all the goodies you can.

On Sunday the Virgo Moon opposes Neptune in Pisces. Given the new retro of Mercury, we’re likely to be distracted. And if we’re not, the people we deal with may be. Missed moments can be irritating, even if it’s just the wobble of timing. A Virgo mood can be exacting or understanding. A bit of perspective and appreciation for smooth connection goes a long way. When properly executed, it feels sweet. It’s validating to let things go and work together.

The Virgo Moon then heads into trine with Pluto and Venus (Venus exact overnight), a deeply satisfying, even empowering influence. Also exact overnight into Monday is the Sun’s square to Mars. While the mood is strong and grounding, it is still subject to retro Mercury glitches. The order of the day lends itself to hitches in the action as well. Allow time for the day’s challenges, and frustration will be halved.

How was your Leo full moon experience? What are your weekend plans?

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Weekend Love Forecast – Mercury Retrograde In Aquarius — 6 Comments

  1. Hey Satori thank you fir this artical . I tried to study Uranus and Saturn in 2922 but i can see many T squares with the Nodes in Taurus and Scorpio.Can you please tell us about the noth node together with Uranus in Taurus in 2022?

  2. The full moon tends to get a little emotional for me. I found supervisors were dissing me and I am expected to conform and turn into a robot. I found it upsetting and it made me cry. It pointed out that I am dissatisfied with the status quo.

  3. Slept like a rock, cleaned out the basement, gave away to charity, had someone else finding my old stuff their new treasures, and delighting in the comforting embrace of my BF while we watched old episodes of Top Gear on the Telly.

    Friday went a bit havoc – we had a blimey evening with lots of nerdy hardware talk and other stuff, connecting with people online and listening to beautiful music by Hans Zimmer. I was in a fantastic mood when getting up this morning ??

    Now we are waiting for the pizza man delivering our fave treats.

    So far this weekend has been a blast, despite Mercury Rx 😀

  4. I planned and attended to my beloved aunt’s funeral. She was a very loving taurus with moon and uranus in taurus. An independent lady with such a big heart for me and my siblings. It was a sad, but very beautiful funeral and a warm moment with a small group of family and friends.

  5. Cold cold cold tackled small agenda
    Trying not to worry ahead or from my past, just being a jellyfish, so far
    Just easy,should cook today to make
    Week ahead easy??

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